Andrew W.K. - Who the Hell is this guy?

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Andrew W. K. is a weird-ass, sweaty, stringy-haired and probably smelly guy who likes to party. I get the feeling that he doesn’t smell like sweat, but like sh*t.

Here’s a shortcut to his “Party Hard” video on MTV’s web site: Andrew W.K. “Party Hard”

Dopers, what is this guy’s allure? Am I missing something? Am I just too old to appreciate him? (I’m 33.) I find his music annoying, I think he’s ugly and I feel ill when I look at him.

I’ve never heard of this person, though checking your link, I read that the music sounds like a mix of Def Leppard, the Ramones and KMFDM blended together. Hmmmm, that might not be bad. I wasn’t able to play any of the musical links, though

And will someone please explain the picture of him with blood all over his face? He partied so hard he gave himself a nosebleed? He gets beat up on the playground every day? HUH?

SPIN magazine has a short article on him this month. Apparently he got big in ‘underground circles’ and is just starting to get mainstream attention. Of course, SPIN has last month’s issue on their webpage, so I can’t give you a link. I do recall the article saying something about a fan who slashed his face at a show in ‘tribute’ to Andrew, and Andrew was impressed. I don’t think I am.:rolleyes:

He wears dirty t-shirts that used to be white and I think they’re white jeans - maybe they’re just light blue?

He’s dirty and proud and it really just grosses me out! I think he reminds me of nasty guys from middle school who refused to shower.

Based on the amount of advertising, I think he’s singlehandedly keeping Vice magazine in business. For all the hype I’da thought he’d be more than bubblegum pop with a lot of distortion thrown in.

New Musical Express (an English rock mag) rated his album one of the top 10 of the year last year. From what I’ve heard from it, that’s kind of like nominating Battlefield Earth for Best Picture Oscar.

He’s the biggest gimmick since Vanilla Ice, if not a really, really bad joke.

It is bad. Very, very bad. The song “Party Hard” has been voted the most horrible song ever, among the knowing LJ community.

Well, Wicky and me, anyway.

That’s hilarious. I was watching SNL this weekend and it was agreed upon by all my friends that he looked like the smelliest guy ever. He’s like an even dirtier version of Brenden Fraser’s character in Airheads.

Also, right in the middle of a song, he got all wierd and cross-eyed and twitchy. I think he was trying to look “intense” or something. It was silly.

I will give him one thing. One very tiny thing. That is, that the song does not have a minor chord in it. Now, I’m not really a musician, and I’m sure someone will correct me, but it says something about the complete beating-into-the-ground chord progressions of the last ten years that you hear a song in a major scale and it sounds strange. So, for that, I like it, since it hearkens me back to Misfits-era music. For the remaining 99%, I agree with everyone else.

Whassamatta? You guys don’t like to party?

I saw him as host on M2’s “Most Controversial Videos” thingy over the weekend. He didn’t strike me as dirty at all: he wore jeans and a t-shirt, and his hair wasn’t particularly stringy. He did seem to be a bit excitable, though. Despite his enthusiasm, he didn’t trip over any words, and he obviously wasn’t reading off cue cards.

I’ve seen and heard worse.

So, my vote: I got nothin’ agin 'im.