Android alternative to an iPod Touch

Who is offering Android based PDAs now? I like the things that my iPod Touch can do, but I hate hate hate having to go through iTunes to use it. So what are my alternatives? I’m not looking for anything that is phone based. I do want something that is WiFi capable.

Samsung Galaxy Player is pretty much your only option unless you want a small tablet instead. Possibly the Philips GoGear Connect too.

Archos is the name I think of first for Android tablets- you have to be careful though as their model numbering is confusing and you want to make sure the tablet you are getting is at least Froyo (Android 2.2). Some of their tablets have hard drives instead of flash memory - which probably means those are a bit thicker than an ipod, say.

Edited to note: The nook color is also an Android 2.2 tablet, if you are interested in hacking it to get the market + google apps on it…

Doesn’t the Dell Streak run Android? It’s larger than a Touch, but at 5" is still pretty compact.

Are these out yet?

Seems like everyone has completely overlooked this sector of the market. Apple has had it all to themselves for close to 3 years now. As far as I know, there’s: 1) Jack, and 2) Shit in this niche besides the iPod Touch.

The new sexy for hardware makers seems to be 7" tablets, though it remains to be seen whether this ’tween form-factor is viable. Jobs doesn’t think so.

Not that I can find. I’d love an Android device that doesn’t require a monthly cell connection bill, but I don’t think there is one out in the US yet. The Galaxy Player isn’t, as far as I can tell.

I hope someone proves me wrong. Anyone?

The Samsung was just announced back at CES, so it’s a few weeks out yet. The Philips should be.

You guys are smoking it - there are an absolute ton of Android devices that aren’t phones.
The archos 70:
The Viewsonic G-Tablet
Some off brand called the superpad:

Edit to note: There are less in the smaller form factors, but some ipod sized ones exist, for example the Archos 43
And many many more chinese manufactured knockoffs. Go search amazon for “Android Tablet”. Just watch what version they ship with as many of the offbrand chinese type ones may never get an update.
Oh and if they are super cheap then the tablet probably has a bad touch screen - the wrong type, or isn’t multitouch enabled (no squeeze to zoom out, spread apart to zoom it, for example)

Wow, I like the way things are going. I just hope these other guys can sell enough to stay afloat competing with Apple.

Just go to Best Buy and tell a blue shirt you want an android tablet. They have several on display that you can play with.

Here are the latest announcements from Samsung.

Another cheap option while you wait for new devices to appear is to grab a used Droid and just ignore the phone part of it. I’ve been doing just that with an old iPhone 3g instead of buying an iPod Touch.

(Bolding mine.)
Wow! An absolute ton of crap, in other words.

So far, it seems like the best bet is to get an Android phone, don’t buy a data plan, and then pray it’ll be a model that will be supported for updates. Plus, non-phone Android devices don’t have access to the Android App store. Sounds like that plan is just full of win!

This detailed write-up on the state of Android devices as of November last year is why I said there aren’t really any competitors to the Touch. One possibility he mentioned, the Samsung Galaxy Player still has no announced release date in the US.

The current Touch is cheaper and has better hardware than just about anything else out there right now. It has more applications available, access to both free and paid apps, and doesn’t require you to be a hacker to install and run the damn things. And it’s available NOW, not “release date to be announced” like practically everything else mentioned in this thread.

Why not get an android phone from a prepaid phone company? About the same price as an ipod touch, a lot less than the $500 a contract phone without the service would cost you. I’d be inclined to recommend the Samsung Intercept from Virgin Mobile. Just don’t buy any airtime for it. Instant PDA.

If you have an iPod touch 1st generation you can supposedly run Android on it using this thing called openiboot. Last I heard, the people behind openiboot were saying that they might get it to work on more recent iPod touches, but as far as I know it hasn’t happened yet.

I think we have to face the fact that there isn’t much in the way of Android tablets that can match up to the iPad yet, or even the iPod touch, without having to hack the crap out of it. Granted my experience with Android so far is just the hacked versions that I have run on my old phones (HTC Kaiser/Tilt and HTC RhodiumW/Touch Pro 2), but the functionality falls a bit short of what even my 1st generation iPod Touch can do, and the usability is worse. I still have a bit of modification to do before it’s kid friendly enough to give to my 1st grader.

The whole Android upgrade situation is a galaxyload of fail.

Pray? Heh. Good luck with that. Even the flagship phones are months behind on updates. There are still 1.6 phones out there.

If you care about updates, the Nexus and Nexus S are pretty much your only safe bets.

Ha! There’s still 1.5 phones out there. I’m currently working on an app that has to work on 1.5 because the customer I’m writing it for (it’s a private non-market specialty app) is enamored with a brand-new, released-in-the-past-few-months phone that has 1.5 on it and no plans to ever upgrade. It’s a major pain.

And yeah, those off-brand tablets are useless for what I need. I need the tablet for development; something that barely works and is some off-brand where updates are iffy at best isn’t going to do it for me.

The pre-paid option is interesting, depending on the price. So far, adding an Android phone to our “family plan” with a 2 year contract is working out to be the best price. Sure, I can get a phone without a plan, but the price on the phone is so jacked up that I might as well just get the plan as well, it works out to the same price over 2 years.

My (limited) understanding of the Android tablet market is that most/all of the major manufacturers were waiting for the next release of the Android OS (“Gingerbread”) first, because that release of the OS would be the first one supporting higher resolution screens. Why introduce a large tablet if its screen resolution had to be restricted to something clunky?

Now that Google has released that new version of the OS to developers a virtual tsunami of Android-based tablets are in the process of being announced and will hit the marketplace in the next couple of months.

Furthering what jacobsta811 said, the Nook Color is only $250, and can run Android: