Android app remembers me afer uninstall/reinstall. How to stop?

I downloaded the MyVegas 21 app, because I want to try out Free Bet Blackjack, and that’s the only place I can find that seems to run a simulation of it. However the jerks who run the app require you to tediously level-grind before you can play that game. I want to start again, as I’ve squandered my chips and am too far away from the level I want to keep grinding away. I figure if I can just start from the beginning I can bet big and level up or fail quickly and start again. However even after uninstalling and reinstalling the app recognizes me,. Is there any way to stop android apps from recognising my device?

Or, if you know of a simulation of Free Bet Blackjack I can play on the internet that would be better.

It could be storing your data in the cloud if you use Google Play Games in which case this page can help you remove that data.

Otherwise and what I think is more likely, it’s created a folder on your device and is storing data there. You’ll need to use a file explorer to find that folder and delete it.

My daughter had a similar problem with the Avengers Academy game. She wanted to start over with a fresh game, but couldn’t. It even restored her old game when I erased the data and cache folders after uninstalling the app. But in that case, I suspect the reason was because the game constantly synchronizes to a remote server, and it uses one of your device identifiers to serve up the game. (It does allow you to sync with Google Play Games, but this whole thing was done without being logged into a Google Play Games account.) There’s a constant small flow of data between the app and the server, and if the local app can’t contact the server, it will pop up an error message and won’t let you continue playing until the connection is restored.

If your phone is rooted, there are apps to change the device identifiers that specific apps see. Deleting the app’s data files and cache files, AND changing the effective identifiers, might allow you to start fresh. Where those files are stored can change depending on which version of Android you’re using; on my Android 5.1 phone, the Avengers Academy data was stored in the /data/data/ folder. Each app will have a folder there named after the app’s unique identifier, usually something like com.(company name).(app name).

Is your device rooted?

It’s not, but the issue is moot now. I succesfully gambled the measly daily bonus on double-or-nothing for 8 rounds, getting over 100 days worth of bonus at once giving me enough to unlock FBB without spending weeks. Thanks to you and IS though.

What permissions does the app ask for when installing? If it says its using your phone number or name then it probably does have a remote server storing your info.