Android nerds, sell me on a couple apps

I need a scheduler that admits I might have a repeating event that is not every weekday, but M T F or something. I’ve tried 3 and Google Calendar, and none of them have that option.

I also wonder if there’s an app that integrates with the standard Android texting so I can speak my texts. If not, do you have a recommendation for one that manages this function very well? I found a free one that seems clunky and scrolls the contacts slowly. If it read off the texts, that would be a bonus.


You can do that in google, but not as one operation, you would have to set the monday appointment and set it to repeat every week, and then do the other days, each separately.

Yes and I find that very annoying.

aCalendar will let you do this.

That’s already part of the Android system and has been since (at least) Ice Cream Sandwich. When the keyboard is popped up, just click the microphone button. On my phone it’s in the bottom row, between the period and the return key.

Similarly, if you need to search for something, instead of just hitting the magnifying glass, if you hold it down, it’ll let you speak your search string.

You can do this quite easily in Google. Click on repeat, weekly and then select the days. (You can select more than one.) Like this.

That’s not what I get at all. No window at all when I click weekly or any other repeat choice. And I just got upgraded to Jellybean.

I’ve apparently looked past that for almost 2 years. Wow.

Don’t forget to speak your punctuation. It’s easier than going back and editing it in. :slight_smile:

Is there a way to do that comma I’ve never been able to figure it out.

Interesting. I created that screenshot from my desktop browser but when I went to my Android (LG Optimus) I got the same results as you.

Just say the word comma. I just tried it for that and period and they both work. Wow.

I haven’t tried it in a while and rarely use speech to text anyways, but back when I did it, it just typed out the word.
What if I want to type the word, question mark