Angel - 10/01/03 - conviction (spoilers in box)

I thought I should continue the tradition of last season and talk generally outside the spoilerbox and put plot points inside the spoilerbox up to airtime.

I’ve seen the first two episodes of this year. They’re both workprints so some fx are rather meh. There are still wires showing in fight scenes, on screen direction for where digital fx is supposed to be, there are no written credits and the title sequence is the same as last year. It needs to be replaced, obviously, since both Cordy and Connor figure prominently. There are even some blank screens, with instructions like “Stock. W&H, nite”. I found it kinda interesting to get a view inside the production process.

But on with the story. It basically picks up just where we left last season. Written into the story are some brief re-caps, presumably to let new viewers catch up. The exposition isn’t very annoying.
Some nice fighting and the theme of the season is lined up pretty quickly. Basically: How do we fight evil, when we represent evil? As always, in the Jossverse, there are not really any absolute truths, and good and bad kinda mesh at times.

As I posted in the pre-thread, Harmony, while annoying, works. I got a few giggles out of her, and that’s not bad. A new girl, Eve, will be the eye candy for me. She’s played by Sarah Thompson, formerly seen as sex kitten Dana Poole on Boston Public. She’s gonna be the liason between the Fang Gang (what was that other name we came up with last year?) and the Senior Partners.

[spoiler]I won’t bother with the plot of the week. I didn’t find it very interesting, as it only served as a McGuffin of establishing the theme of the year. The science guy, who was tyhe psych major in CWDP on BtVS, is back. I like him, and it feels that he and Fred has some nice chemistry. Wes isn’t doing much during this episode, but we get some nice Angel stuff. Good, very good, fight scenes. Although the consistency of him having learned wire fighting Honk Kong style, just from moving in to W&H could make me feel a bit bothered, it doesn’t though, 'cause the fight scenes are cool.
We get to find out what Gunn did with the panther, and what the panther is, in a way. ‘The Big Cat’ - heh. I like the way the writers are improving Gunn. It’s logical and I think it’ll prove interesting.
He got hair, during summer too.
Oh, and what about Spike?

Stay tuned :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t wait for tonight. Glad to hear they are actually going to do something with Gunn. I like his character and would like them to develop it a touch more.

Damn! I was hoping you would tell me Harmony got dusted. How I loathe to watch her.

I hope the Eve character sticks around…they need a new strong female character.

I, for one, am sad Cordy won’t be on this season but good riddance to Connor.

dang it…I missed the last few episodes last season and I don’t really know what happened after Cordy had her “child.” Did she die? What about Connor?

I think in the season finale, they said Cordy was taken care of by W&H, getting her hair done or manicures while she is in a coma.

My favorite part of Conviction:

“Spike?” “Spike.” “Blondie bear?!”

I also like Harmony, in both episodes.

For anybody who is interested, here is a page of reviews for the season opener.

Pepperlandgirl - I agree. the thing in your spoiler books had me laughing out loud. I had big fears about Harmony, but she actually, and to my big surprise, works.

How does Wesley know who Spike is? They’ve never met. While I wouldn’t put it past Wesley, the encyclopedia of all things weird and occult, to know about Spike from either his training as a Watcher or from his extensive research on Angel, it still seems weird.

Judging by his reaction, I’d say he knew him by reputation. Does anyone else get the vibe that badass Wesley has taken a backseat to bookish Wesley due to an excess of badassdom in the hizouse?

jeevmon -

[spoiler] I don’t find it strange that Wes knows of Spike. I’m sure, given Angel’s history with Darla, and what went on in Sunnydale for seven years, he’s got a clue that when a bleached guy comes wooshing up from dust, he would take a guess on who it is. Wes says ‘Spike’ first, in a questioning or hesitant tone. Angel then confirms it. I checked episodes guides, but it does indeed seem like they never where in the same place and time, before. But I could be wrong.

I’m more bothered that Andy Hallet’s got better make up this year.

Enjoying it a lot so far. Nobody’s smooching anybody else and even Harmony isn’t re-dead yet and I don’t mind. The snark is good.

This was my biggest laugh for the episode. It was worth having Harmony just for that line. I think she might just work out, especially as a foil for both Spike and Angel.

And Andy Hallett’s a regular now! Yay! :slight_smile:

Andy Hallet started being a regular last season. I can’t remember which episode, but it was around ep #17 or so.

I enjoyed it, but then again, I’m not very critical when it comes to my favourite shows.

Random thoughts from a tired mind…

*I actually thought that Harmony would work out better than she did, but there is still time. I did enjoy her “Blondie Bear” at the end.

*I liked Gunn better bald. I think they’re going to set up some really good tension by making his character smarter. He’s always been the muscles.

*I think the action sequences are better than ever.

*It took me until tonight to realize where I recognized Knox (Nox? Knocks?) from. Duh! A stellar Buffy episode.

I would probably have more thoughts, but I have to watch it again without the kids tearing around and yelling.

LOVE it…Joss is BACK!

OK, I only saw the second half. I’m not a big Angel fan. So why:

Why can Harmony stand in near sunlight? Is she un-vampired somehow? I though Angel had that ring thing that makes him immune. What’s her deal?

Okay, I know almost nothing about this show, and just started watching during the re-runs that WB was showing during the past few months. And I didn’t see any of those past Angel getting his soul back.

So, I was totally confused. Watching this episode was a very surreal experience, actually. Almost zen.

I winced during the apple scene. It was painful. I just wasn’t feeling it. At all.

I didn’t find Harmony very amusing, but I’m missing a lot of the source material, here. I only really laughed twice. When Angel said “I have no problem spanking men”–corny, but delivered so well–and then again in the previews when Spike said “And I’m his date.” That was amusing. Oh yes it was. And if you see a theme, I’m not really all about the HoYay… it’s just a coincidence! I mean it.

Mr. Miskatonic:

I don’t know much about the show either, but she was babbling something about how the office has special-coated windows that let vampires inside stand in the sun reflected through said windows.

Mr. Miskatonic: Angel didn’t keep that ring. He destroyed it at the end of the same episode in which he got it. In the last episode of last season, when W&H are talking the gang into taking over their firm, one of the selling points was windows made out of specially treated glass that filters the sunlight so it doesn’t kill vampires.

Anyway, I thought the episode tonight was great. I loved Fred’s motivational technique. And Harmony was great, but I’ve always loved Harmony. Or at least, I have ever since she died.

Damn, that girl from the Addams Family movies has grown up… sort of.

I met Mercedes McNab in Tampa. She is so fucking hot in person.