Angel, 2/27/01

Everyone’s all abuzz about Buffy this week, and rightly so. But I didn’t want our favorite broody-vampire-with-a-soul to get left too far behind.

This week’s episode was not great, but its faults were largely redeemed by the line I quote here:

“I never invited you in.”

Had to make with a Yes! when I heard that, because when Angel first burst into Kate’s apartment to save her I tried to remember when she’d invited him in during a previous show. I couldn’t think of a time, so just figured The Powers That Be (no, not those powers, I mean Joss and his writers) had goofed. They’ve goofed on the invitation thing before. Good to see they were on top of their game this time, and I’m glad Kate and Angel have now gotten past that I-don’t-like-you-but-I-need-your-help phase of their friendship.

Otherwise, as noted above, not a great episode. I’m still not clear on how Darla “saved” Angel, although I’m pretty sure I get why he retained his soul (no moment of true happiness, no matter how perfect the sex was).

I also didn’t much care for the tone of the episode. Angel was supposed to have had a major unlife-changing event and wanted to swallow his pride and make things right with Wesley, Cordelia and Gunn, but they just played it for laughs most of the hour, as when Angel was driving Wesley to the house and he kept trying to kiss his ass. They could’ve taken a cue from their parent show this night: less is more.

Still, again: “I never invited you in.” Way cool.

Five, I completely agree with your assessment of the show. Except I thought watching Angel try to make conversation with Wesley was funny. It was so out of character for him. It’s always amusing when Angel behaves un-Angely.

So, what does it mean that he got in without her invite? When it happened, I immediately thought she was dead and he was too late. When it became clear she was alive, I was just totally confused, because I knew Kate had never invited him in. Does it mean that Angel is becoming human? I thought that would be a sort of instantaneous change, but maybe it’s gradual. Hmm…

The gypsy curse is broken by “one moment of perfect happiness”. I don’t think a despair-inspired quickie is going to qualify.

Then again, perhaps the author is trying to say that life is more complicated than just human=good/vampire=evil. You remember when Angel set fire to Darla and Drusilla? Dru, speaking in her Second Sight voice, said something about “it’s not Angel, but it’s not Angelus either”. Humans grow and evolve; maybe vampires can too. Come to think of it, Spike has been acting oddly humanlike in recent episodes of BtVS.

Of course, the acid test will come when Angel tries to enter someone else’s abode. If he cannot, then it was an isolated case of divine intervention; if he can, then something deeper is going on.

I agree with the OP on all points. Not their best show, but a great line. And I didn’t mind them playing things for laughs much after last week’s depression-fest.

I have to admit that after watching Buffy, the lingering shot of the dead family in the kitchen had a lot more impact than I think the show’s director intended. Instead of “oh, they killed the family, these demons are bad”, I was thinking about all the family’s friends, and loved ones, and how they’d have to cope.

Yeah, I know. TV show. Not real. Must…try…to…disbelieve…

It may not have been the best episode ever, but it had some really funny lines.

“But we…”
“And you…”
“And I…”
“Three times. I know.”

He did, when he saved Wesley. He was able to kick in the door but not enter. Another small funny moment.

The best line: “If what we do doesn’t matter, then all that matters is what we do.” The perfect Humanist statement in a world where the answer to the question: “Is there more than this?” is explicicitly “yes.”

Darla cured him because she gave him a moment of true misery, not happiness. His despair led him to want to kill himself (Like Kate) and he tried by f***ing Darla. The moment of true misery, the classic “hitting bottom” drove him to his epiphany: The knowledge that he would never win his battle for “Redemption.” There was no prize, no light at the end of the tunnel. He realized that he could only do his good deeds for their own sake, not for personal gain.

I was impressed with the episode. Angel strongly affected Darla and The lawyer dude.

Join the dark side, Luke . . .

mrvisible, I agree about the dead family. I thought to myself, “What a waste of life, for them to have saved this girl from this demon infestation, only to have her brutally murdered.”

Some other things I didn’t like about the episode:

–I am soooooo over The Host. He was cute a few times, but I don’t need to see him in every goddamned episode, and I certainly don’t like him being used as a deus ex on a regular basis.
–The scene where Cordy gets a little demon put into her head was (purposefully, perhaps) uncomfortably close to an honest-to-goodness rape scene. I felt very dirty watching it, and didn’t appreciate it being treated cavalierly later.
–Nice boots, Lindsay. :rolleyes:
–Now, dammit, I know Angel is a vampire, and heals quickly from injury, but those hits from Lindsay with that sledge should have at least broken his damned jaw. When Spike was injured in a church collapse/fire, he was in a wheelchair for weeks.

What I liked:
–“I want to work for you.” Angel learned an almost Biblical lesson in humility.
–“Why would she go there?” “They owe us money.” Ha!
–Wesley’s speech to Angel about Cordelia having changed because of getting the visions. You go, Rogue Demon Hunter!

I was thinking that myself. It may not have killed him, but it should have kept him down for a while. He was run over multiple times, then slammed upside the head (not to mention the back) with a sledgehammer. Even vampires are supposed to take a little bit of time to heal. (As was more recently witnessed by Dru’s and Darla’s close encounter with the gasoline torch.)


Yeah, but (not to invalidate your good point about Angel healing too fast) that was a church that fell on Spike. I figure that would have to hurt a vampire more than another building falling on him. Just like crosses as opposed to a simple wooden beam.

Kyla: I briefly thought Kate was dead too, but I don’t think his uninvited entry indicates a “gradual” change to human. Rather, I see it the way I think Kate sees it: the Powers That Be needed to save her (and Angel) for something that’s yet to come, so they momentarily suspended the rules. It’s partly that belief that’s keeping Kate away from the pills, so I think we should all go along with it.