Angel Season Finale

That can’t be it.

It just can’t be!!!

I’ll post more when I’ve regained my power of thought.

I liked it. It was pretty good. Never saw the thing with Cordelia coming though. It was a nice touch.

Oh, and Wesley, “I wasn’t even thinking about you when you were here.” That was freaking cool. He’s the man.

I totally didn’t like it. It wasn’t a satisfying ending at all. My thoughts were: “No, they can’t be ending it here! That’s so… dumb!”

It didn’t give any kind of completion, and while some cool things did happen, it really just left me with a bad taste in my mouth.


Ingenious punishment for a vampire, you gotta admit.

Gunn and Fred, all alone at the end of the episode. I guess this is a good chance for them to prove what they’re made of.

But… how long until the next episode? Surely not… fall?

I thought the punishment was a pure stroke of genius. Angel suffers and slowly starves to death, all the while knowing his own son did this to him. If I were Connor/Steven, I would make sure I moved to a place that was sunny 24/7, just in case.

Justine is a whacko bitch and should take lessons from Lilah. Speaking of which, did she look just a little bit hurt when Wesley told her “I wasn’t even thinking about you when you were here”?

Cordy goes glo-worm in traffic - my first thought was "OMG, she can stop time, how cool. However, the beaming up to the “mother ship” was a bit hokey.

Gunn and Fred. My God, invent a clue! What is wrong with those two? They appeared so…inept.

Wesley absolutely rocks! Looks like he is going to be the only one able to figure out what happened and come to the rescue.

Lorne and Groo. I am really sorry to see Lorne go. And I was just beginning to like Groo. His personality was developing quite nicely.

Poor Cordelia. She’s with the angels, now.

That was way cool. What the hell are Fred and Gunn going to think? Everyone they know just vanished, all in the same day. How flippin’ weird is that? Think this is an a setup for them to get back together with Wes?

Of all the characters I hope comes back next season, Groo is definetly on the top of the list. I love that guy.

I did see a similar punishment in a short story, Piers Anthony, IIRC. The character was some sort of vampire and got stuck all alone on a small moon, where there was no life, no sun, no wood, nothing that he could die from, and no way he could escape. The story described in detail that even though one might be immortal, one can still be hungry.

I feel really bad for Fred and Gunn, as far as they know everyone is going to come back to work in the morning…

Yes. Wes most certainly is the man. And the ending was kinda dissapointing.

The ending was perfect, but horrifying. No, Lyllyan, I don’t think Angel can starve to death; I think he’ll just get hungrier and hungrier.

When I saw them bolting on the lid I thought, “They don’t want him to get out.”

Then when they slipped the steel rods into place I thought, “They really don’t want him to get out.”

Then when they welded the rods to the coffin I thought, “they really really don’t want him to get out.”

But eventually the metal will rust, right? Even if it takes years, eventually it should weaken enough to allow Angel to escape.

Those would be some awful years, granted (I say “would be,” because of course Greenwalt and Co. will contrive an escape or rescue for him in next season’s premiere), but Angel regained his sanity after the equivalent of hundreds of years in Hell. He could get over something like this.

Actually, I thought the ending was pretty good. Cordy’s ascent juxtaposed against Angel’s decent was nice. And Gunn and Fred must be so confused. Conner, Angel, Cordy and Groo are just … gone.

Then again, I was probably the only one thinking “I hope Skip moves Cordy’s jeep before he starts up time. That’s just an accident waiting to happen.”

And if Cordy’s gone, what about Dennis??

so is charisma carpenter signed for next season or is she gone from the series? that would suck if she left.

i liked lorne as well, it’s a shame he skipped town. groo, as well. he was kind of growing on me. looks like a big part of the reason i was interested in angel will be gone next season. but this stephen/connor thing is pretty cool, and if they get wesley back in the fold i think it’ll all come together nicely for next season.

stephen/connor is a badass. the way he feigned affection for angel was pretty cold. gave me chills.

As everyone else has stated, Wes is shaping up nicely.

The loss of Groo kind of sucks, as his character was really fleshing out nicely. Same with Lorne. I wonder if one of the two of them will be back, or if it will be like Buffy in its prime where major characters did leave/die every season.

The events set up the return of Wesley to Angel Investigations quite nicely. I hope Angel does not get rescued in the first episode. It would be nice to see where things go without him for a while.

Of course he will get rescued by (pick one):

  1. Superpowerful Glow-in-the-dark Cordy
  2. Wolfram & Hart (the senior partners have an interest in him, even if the one partner seems bent on revenge).
  3. The Gunn & Girl express (how?)
  4. Wesley (as this would be the most interesting, I predict this is how they do it).

Also, I would not be surprised if Wolfram & Hart got their hands on Conner.

All in all, Angel had a very consistently strong season.


Angel is a great show because cool things happen that I, as a veteran TV watcher, don’t expect to happen. So many shows are just so predictable, but not Angel. I didn’t expect to see: (1) Lilah and Wes sleeping together; (2) Cordy’s ascension as a great warrior to a higher plain; or (3) Angel condemned to a watery prison by his son. I also give bonus points for the helicopter attack at the drive in while copters were attacking on the movie screen.

I’ll miss Lorne big time but Groo not so much.

I like the setup of a relationship/tension between Lilah and Wesley, especially since Wolfram & Hart need Angel alive for their nefarious future plans. Wesley, as has been stated before, is the perfect vehicle for saving Angel, and you can probably bet Lilah’s going to be involved one way or another. There’s also great potential for Justine, to either go good or totally evil; you could see the ambivalence when Connor decided he needed to hack Holtz’s head off to ensure against his rising from the dead.
Who else would kill for a copy of “Songs for the Love Lorne”?

All i know is Justine and Connor are two very capable people to plan strategy, locate the boat and all the tools needed and sail it to the rendevous in the time required.

The character exits seemed very forced to me. Lorne’s especially. I kind of thought Gru might hightail it because of the Angel/Cordy thing but it was still abrupt, maybe because of the disappearance of so many others.

Wes and Lilah seemed like shock value rather than plot or character development. What I’m WAGging is that Wes is planning on doing some undercover work at W&H, trying to bring them down from the inside, and then will be horribly punished by them for it.

Cordelia’s ascending into a big trap. I can tell from the words “BIG TRAP” that were glowing in the sky over her head. Oh, did that only show up on my tape? IIRC, Skip was the demon who was guarding whats-his-name that could infect men into woman-haters. He was being held in a hell dimension in a firey cage and Angel kicked his ass. This is gonna turn out to be Skip’s revenge.

From the previews I thought Connor was going to leave Angel in a box awaiting the dawn. This is much nastier. I like it.

Am I the only one who doesn’t think for a minute that Lorne’s really leaving the show?

Hello! People! You think they showed us that huge ballroom a couple of episodes ago just for fun?

Obviously Lorne’s going to return and the ballroom will become the next Caritas.

I have to admit that I thought Cordelia’s rising into the sky was pretty damned cheesy but it was certainly mitigated by the constrast with Angel sinking into the depths. I just could have done without the little swirling Tinkerbell lights.

I couldn’t help but compare Cordelia’s departure with that of Poochie in the Simpson’s episode. It had the same abrupt “And then this character was written out of the series” feel.

I’m not sure I understood the whole “Angel/Cordelia” hooking up subplot. Whatever happend to the “perfect happiness” curse, thing? Angel already tossed one relationship because of that – I don’t see how anyone would expect it to work out now.

Clearly, Fred hasn’t forgotten that either.

I liked the episode, but it really had “cliffhanger” written all over it. It didn’t have much emotional impact because clearly someone will rescue Angel next season, I’m hoping that it’ll be Wes. I don’t know if Cordy is coming back but the ascending to another plane felt really cheezy to me.

Lorne can and should move on. He was never in the opening credits, right? Putting Caritas in the ballroom of the hotel would be a Jump the Shark move, but I thought at first that was why they showed it to us as well.

And I really don’t think they’ve showed us enough motivation for Justine’s actions. Angel and Wes have done nothing but treat her well and save her ass several times, but she never questions that they are evil. I understand that having her sister killed by a vampire would have a big affect, but many other characters have gotten past that, why not her?

Now time for Buffy. Are we revving the motorboat and waxing our skis?