Angel April 22 (spoilers)

Line of the night:

“Your soul wasn’t worth air conditioning?”

I liked Angel’s strategy for winning.

I have one question about the episode though. The place clearly said Casino. Isn’t gambling illegal everywhere in Californa? Would’t there be considerable trouble with operating the place as a result.

There are card parlors in California, I presume because there’s skill involved or because you’re not playing against the house or somesuch. But do you really think that a demon would care about the legal niceties?

“Sir, we’re okay with the soul sucking and the ritual beheadings, but those slot machines have to go.”

Maybe the demon was Native American…

I don’t see how this gets Gunn off the hook. Even if the demon (Jenoff?) is dead, he probably has heirs. They’d own Gunn’s soul now.

Yup. I’d bet that Jenoff is still alive. A beating won’t do what a beheading can’t accomplish.

What I liked most about this show is that, unlike some vampire-slayer-based-shows out there, this show knows how to insert a not-so-serious episode into the midst of very dramatic story arcs, without blowing the built-up tension, to remind you of why you like these characters to start with.

Anyone have any theories re what Wesley will do now?

Lead a sad, sad, sad life.


Rescue Connor?

Reveal that he is Connor?

Defenatly. It had me cracking up.

My theory is that Gru will feel unuseful and decide to go out and “discover” the world. That’s me theory anyway. He won’t be around much longer.

Wes has to rescue Connor, or be instrumental in his rescue. Or possibly in his reconciliation with Angel (since I don’t think we’ll actually see Connor again until he’s a grown man). How else can he continue on the show?

As a vengeful ghost killed by his friend.

Good show overall, though it did continue the oh so annoying trend of people keeping stupid secrets from their friends.

Let’s see, I can tell my girlfriend and demon hunting buddies about this demon that want’s to take my soul, or pretend to dump my GF (in a most cruel way) and just give up and die. Can’t somebody walk in the door and say “Yo, guys! I’m in some serious trouble here!”

Anybody happen to have a tape of this and/or the last episode? I missed them. (Grr).

I’ll bat my eyelashes at you…

That trend, of course, is the basis for much of the drama in both Angel and Buffy. You’d think they’d learn by now they can count on their friends for help.

Andygirl I have last nights episode on tape, I have to check about last weeks. I can mail it to you if you want. E-mail me… and it will be on the way tomorrow.

And you don’t even have to bat your eyelashes.

Line of the thread, thus far. And words to live by in the real world, certainly. I

Flunkie: don’t try to run or to fight, or we’ll kill you and your girlfriend!
Gunn: Good point. I’ll come alone and surrender, because you’re so scary. Fred, I hate you.
Fred: Augh, you must be in trouble!
Angel: Bad demon! Kill, kill!
Gunn: Dude, that didn’t kill him.
Angel: Oh yeah. Hey everyone, beat up the demon!
Gunn: Good job Angel. Let’s leave before we see if the demon really dies – we must be safe now!
Fred: Good idea.
Fred and Gunn: smooches.

Eh? Fun episode, but totally stupid behavior at the end.

When Gunn started to break up with Fred, I thought they had already reclaimed his soul, and I wanted to smack Angel up the head for not recognizing the dialogue.

Buffy and Angel in Innocence
Buffy: I, I don’t understand. Was it m-me? (meekly) Was I not good?
Angelus: (laughs) You were great. Really. (snidely) I thought you were a pro.
Buffy: How can you say this to me?
Fred and Gunn in Double or Nothing (If I remember correctly)
Fred: Why are you being so mean to me?

Fred: Was it… me?
Gunn: You think?

Urmph. I liked it. It was tense, yet fun and Joss and the gang are actually letting a couple stay together more than a few episodes - which is a Goddam relief!

Beef I had: Is it just me, or is Cordy becoming awefully matronly for a self-centered 22 year-old?

Angel sulking: Wow, that was new and different. Nobody sulks like a vampire.

Finally, it’s starting to become tiresome how B&A can solve no problems without violence. I know one thing for sure: I’m never moving to California!