Animal and Human Male Breast Warts/Nipples

What’s the benefit for Animal and Human Male to have Breast Warts/Nipples,
it seems that all Animal Male with toes on there Feet also have Breast Warts/Nipples, i can not see any reason why Evolution schould not have them disapear over time, so the question is why do they, and we, still have them?

why would they go away?

a male without mammary papilla would have no evolutionary advantage compared to one with them.

Anything that made it go away for a male would do the same for a female. It’s enlargement is triggered by hormones.

Remember that evolution is not a thinking process; it’s just what happens when mutations occur that make it more likely for that mutant to have living grandchildren than it’s peers. So our first step in evolving nippleless men is just for that mutation to occur. That doesn’t seem to happen very often - the nipples are fairly complex structures, even undeveloped in men, and it’s far more likely for a person to be born with additional nipples than without them at all. The second step is for our nippleless mutant to pass that trait along to his offspring. Again, unlikely, because we’re diploid creatures - even a child with a nippleless father will likely have perfectly formed nipples from the genes on his/her mother’s side. The third step, assuming we have a nippleless mutant who breeds nippleless children, is for him to breed lots more babies who go on to have nippleless children than his neighbors breed normal children. Again, unlikely. Lack of nipples could very well be a turn off for too many people to breed with nippleless mutants, and probably offers no advantage at all.

Could this change? Sure. What if our environment changes and we get an epidemic of breast cancer? Then the nippleless mutants might have an advantage - if they also lack breast tissue, they might survive while the rest of us are dropping like flies. But as long as our environment remains roughly the same, such an evolution is unlikely.

This actually came up as a Jeopardy question the other day, and the explanation was that the nipples develop while the fetus is still androgynous.

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Please refrain from calling nipples, “Breast Warts”. I refuse to think of them that way!..:eek::eek::eek::eek:

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Right. If I remember correctly, until a certain point, the fetus can develop into either male or female*, and so are equipped with all the parts required. In males, the ovaries descend to testicles, the clitoris enlarges and becomes a penis, etc. Nipples stay, because they’re there from the beginning.

*and sometimes not perfectly either, leading to intersexed children.

I believe they are a feature of Intelligent Design.

Since I haven’t seen it remarked on yet, I’d like to point out that almost male mammals have nipples. Not just the ones “with toes on there Feet[sic]”.

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…okay, while I knew that stallions and bulls didn’t have nipples, I’d honestly assumed most male animals did possess them. Now I feel a bit silly. Is there some big book o’ nipples out there that can illuminate me on which male animals have nipples and which don’t?

I agree with this. Once was bad enough, but every time you use the word “nipple”?

" ‘I mean, really, is there anything more useless than an out-of-work hero?’
She named two.
‘Very funny. Besides, they’re not useless. They break up the monotony of the male chest.’ "

Male mammals. I’d thought most male mammals


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Evolution doesn’t work that way. Nipples don’t prevent males from procreating, so why should they disappear?

And how many questions do we have to get this week where the answer is basically “evolution doesn’t work that way” before we’ve reached our quota?

I know, I’m getting tired of having to say it.

Completely useless features can disappear without positive pressure to eliminate them - if they don’t do anything, then mutations can break them without detriment to reproduction - like eyes in cave-dwelling organisms - they don’t necessarily hinder reproduction, but can disappear through attrition, because there’s no great disadvantage from a mutation that impairs them.

Of course, nipples in mammals don’t work that way, because they are still required by females, and their development is sufficiently common to both sexes that they can’t be dropped out of one and not the other. But that’s the reason - not lack of pressure to eliminate them.

The Master spoke on this one nearly thirty years ago:

For what it’s worth, male rats also lack nipples. It’s one quick and easy way of differentiating between the sexes during early development, before the males hit their big growth spurt.

I’m not sure whether the males of other rodent species, like mice or squirrels, are also nipple-free. Next time I’m in close quarters with a squirrel I’ll make sure to take a look.