Animal skull leather helmet: Gak!

Ok, first I want to know what kind of animal(s) those bones are from and how they got out of the animal(s).

Secondly, where, aside from the prom and bar mitzvahs, would I wear such a thing?

Thirdly, what unspeakable, miasmic, and arcane powers or curse doth it bequeath the wearer?:confused:

No worse than an old fashioned football helmet. The kind they wore before plastic was invented. Of course the teeth were just for parade day, not the actual game. :smiley:

I want this. Hoooboy do I want this.

Looks like, er, cat skulls. I think a 'possum or raccoon has a longer snout that’s tapered, and that would be the only other same sized alternative. Here’s a picture.

The skeleton might be cat too, I know of a few places that sell all sorts of skulls/skeletons.

I dunno. You could be a Ren-faire god/dess, or just wear it about town when you’re in a more kill-and-conquer sort of mood.

It probablu just gives you the power of freaking everyone within a 50 foot radius the hell out.

I want it. :frowning:

Should I be ashamed to admit that I think that’s pretty badass? Just a little too rodent-like though. Definitely not intimidating.

The really great thing is it’s handmade. None of those mass-produced animal-skull helmets here! No sirree Bob!

You know? I never liked Rue Royale. Too many shops selling overpriced stuff. “Buy it now” for two-and-a-half kilobucks? I think I’ll pass.

Man, that thing is cool looking. I’d wear it.

“Helmet of the Wrathful Peta” Causes all animal rights activists within visual range to attack the wearer. +5 vs turning door-to-door evangelists.

Aside from the bones issue, it is fine craftsmanship and leather work.

This is soooooo cool!! I want it. Even if I only wear it to the grocery store. I bet no one, and I mean NO ONE will say anything when I jump into the express lane with so many items that I can’t count.

Oh and I can put it on when I’m in a pissy mood at home. The kids and the hubby can stay the hell back.

My only problem with the helmet is that the three headed rodent thingy looks like it’s humping the head of the helmet wearer.

This reminds me of one of my favorite sites,

…collected, the worst of auction sites world 'round.

The snouts look too long for cat skulls. Skunk?

Too bad I have no money with which to buy that thing. I’d like to wear it with a pair of goggles, a fluorescent cape, maybe a bow tie, tight leather pants, and shoes with spurs (or maybe even tassels :p). Too bad I would drown after the ground under my feet melted from my sheer radiant sexiness.