Animal thoughts

I tried searching for this without any luck but I thought I read something about this on here. What the heck does my dog think of during the day, especially when no one is home and she can really concentrate? :wink:

Does she sit there and wonder why she is the only one who can’t figure out the “door” concept?

What the heck does she think about when we are all home and the 2 year old and 8 month old are running /crawling all around the house?

It seems that she is most interested in eating, getting out for walks and sleeping, but she also just about bounces off the walls with excitement when someone she knows comes for a visit even if she isn’t hungry, tired or in need of a trip outside.

To what extent can different animals even “think”?

I think some comedian did something about fish in an aquarium, but how about more intelligent animals like chimps? “Looks like Fred has lice again. I could eat a few.”

There’s got to be a ton of research on this but I know you all can boil it down to what is really important.

Well, last time I was a dog…

“woofwoofwoofwoof, woofwoofwoof. grrrrrrr.”


…sorry, that was all I could get out of Rogie.

I think they just sort of exist; I don’t know if there’s much verbalization of thoughts (even in dog- or cat-language) going on. Just as well – think how bored they’d be if they could think about their predicament.

Sorry. When I made the original post I wasn’t really expecting that anyone had actual experience living as or thinking like a dog. I know that many folks think animals just exist and I’m not saying that my dog “thinks she’s a person”. But it certainly seems that she is acting happy, playful, scared, etc. in different situations.

I suppose I should have asked “do you think your pet has any thoughts beyond its basic survival and if so, what do you think he/she thinks about?”

(regretting that he ever thought of this question)

You should have seen Jerry Springer yesterday. This guy had a fetish about being a dog all day. He went to a dominatrix, and was treated like a dog. He ate dog food, drank out of a bowl, drank out of the toilet bowl, played with a frisbee. What a moron. And he was stunned when his girlfriend couldn’t understand his ridiculous desires. I wonder about these people…

I believe they have thoughts. After all, they have a language (to some extent) and they dream, so they probably can visualize an event in their head.

Cats have up to 12 different meows, each meaning something specific. I imagine that when they think of food or wanting attention, they may hear the corresponding meow in their head.

Lacking a fully formed language I’m sure other thoughts take the form of images, feelings, or sounds.

Of course you know how they think! Haven’t you ever seen The Far Side? There’s that comic about the dogs; all they ever say and think is “Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey…”