What is your pet thinking?

I was working at my computer one evening and felt that something was staring at me - from the top of an adjacent bookshelf. I looked up and saw Andy, our latest walk-on, gazing down at me.

Unbelievably there was a digital camera next to the keyboard, and it was charged up. I grabbed it, and in one motion turned it on, pointed up in the general direction of Andy, and shot without really aiming. You see the result.

And what was he thinking? I’m betting it was along the lines of “If I just weighed two hundred more pounds, buster, you’d be lunch!”

Anybody else out there ever wonder what you pet was really thinking?

I agree that our cats would kill us if they were big enough or we were small enough. The same is probably true of pet lizards, snakes, alligators, eagles, and some kinds of dogs like coursing hounds.

I really wish I could talk to animals (or more accurately, that they could talk to me.) I want to know what my cat thinks about me. I wish he could tell me what his life was like before I found him on the street.

My cat almost always has a startled expression on her face, but we’ve agreed it takes on different nuances.

Look at me! I NEED PETTING!
It’s FLUFF! Must KILL!


I’m pretty sure Shamus’ thoughts tonight were something like this:

What is she doing? It’s noisy
oh, shiny wire! Let me have that. No, mine!
She pushed the mouse, and now it’s going. Hey, it just jumped! How come it’s still moving?
My wire! Gimme!
It’s still moving! I should be afraid!
See, I made a new cat toy tonight (a toy mouse with a magnet glued to it dangles from a crossbeam of dowels and is repelled by another magnet glued to a wooden base), and he was very good at supervising. When he wasn’t trying to steal the wire.

Squiggy only has one thought. It appears to be constant. Quote: “…”

I predict that someone will eventually interrupt this thread about the evils of anthropomorphizing animals or something. Just wait. :rolleyes: I haven’t been here that long, and it seems like there is always someone around to do that for us.

I would like to be able to see what my dogs are dreaming when they do that kicking/running thing with their legs! “bunnybunnybunny!” One would be for the eating of bunny, the other would be to chase and play with the fuzzy toy!

Mine seems to almost always be thinking: Pet me, pet me, pet me. She would climb into my lap and stay there if she were small enough

I have been spending an inordinate amount of time sleeping all summer and fall, and we have defaulted to Jezabel snuggling with me, tucked in under my chin in the crook of my arm. If she bothered to wake up and look at someone walking in, it would probably be some variant of “I haz a warm snugli spot, go away” If I think of it, I will see if I can get mrAru to take a picture next time.

My Picante, a leopard gecko, if he thinks at all, probably only thinks “fooooooooood” or maybe “coooooooooooooold” or “hoooooooooooooooot”.

Sometimes, admittedly, it’s “Let’s climb to the top of the tank and scare the bejeezus out of Daddy because we’re notoriously overconfident in our climbing abilities.”

There is a huge cat that lives in my house whose face is always one of total confusion. He’ll saunter into a room, flop down on the floor and look around like this the first time he has ever been there, then move his fat ass to another room with the same act. Completely useless.

I am so pretty. I am the princess. I will do whatever I want, whenever I want.

When I saw that pic, I was thinking “oooh coool, this feels soooo goood!”

Andy looks a lot like Arthur, one of my cats. I love the way it looks like he’s rubbing his hands together as he plots mayhem.

Arthur would immediately follow that with a loud “thud” as he jumped down (he’s a 22-pounder), leaped into my lap, and started licking my hands. If I rubbed his belly, he’d roll upside-down. Since I don’t have feathers or a long, furry tail, I’m safe from Arthur.

I’m hungry!
Is daddy awake?
Wake him up.
Did he wake up?
Push stuff on his head.
Did he wake up?
I’m hungry!
Feed me!
Feed me!
I’m hungry!
Nom nom nom.
Not hungry any more.
Run around!
Run around!
My toy!
Do a poo.
Run around!
Run around!
Cuddles please!
Want to kill birds!
I hate that other cat.
Want to kill it!
I’m hungry.
Feed me!
Feed me!
I’m hungry!
Nom nom nom.
Not hungry any more.
More cuddles please.

He’s asserting his dominance over you. He’s like “I’m higher up than you, and watching your every move, so you better fall into line or else.”

Cat’s love to be high up and you did the correct thing, because a cat would rather be way up high dominating you then playing with your computer keyboard. But if you didn’t give him the high place he’d be next to you trying to hit the computer keyboard with his paws.

Let’s face it:

He doesn’t work
Yet you feed him
You house him
You clean his litterbox
You give him cuddles
You pay for his healthcare
You worry about him.

Yes he can’t afford to let his dominance over you slip.

Accept this and move on :slight_smile:

If you take another picture of me, I’m going to kill you.

I know what my cat is thinking.

Want to bite human.
Want to bite human.
Human’s wrist looks tasty.
Human looks so peaceful, sleeping. Time to attack.
Human must feed me now.
Now I must sit in human’s lap and permit her to pet me; oh wait, time to bite again.
Let’s go destroy stuff now.

My beagle seems to be mostly thinking: “Is that something edible you’re holding?”

I have 2 beagles and a cat. It is always the same. Pet me, walk me or feed me. (the cat gets me to play with him, he doe’s not go on walks). If they are ignored for too long. they need a quick pet job.

Frankly, half the time I think it just amounts to a static hum :).