Anime fans: Kiddy Grade is awesome

Anyone else out there watching Kiddy Grade? I’m really liking this series. Why? Well, I did a little thinking about that.

It looks great.
I mean really, really great. The quality of the artwork is high throughout, and unlike a lot of anime, there is no switching of styles to indicate changes in mood or the like.
It’s cool as hell.
The setting is the future, where society is organized under a loose Galactic Union. Part of the governmental structure is the GOTT, the Galactic Organization for Trade and Tariffs, which is basically a galactic-level super police force. And I do mean super – the backbone of the GOTT is the ES-class agents, who have super-powers. That gives us a chance to have main characters with super-powers, and have them do a lot of super-battling.

It’s very well-written.
Nine episodes in, there’s been a tremendous amount of plot development. Something is going on within the Galactic Union – the Management Association, another branch of the GU, seems to be fighting with the GOTT, and they have ES-class agents as well. Even within the GOTT, the ES-class agents seem to have some differences.
The cast of characters is excellent.
In addition to our two heroines, Eclair (think “lightning” not “creampuff”) and Lumiere, there are two mecha-sidekicks, the guard robot Donnersclag and the ship La Muse.

I’ve found myself grinning as I watch the episodes, and I just wanted to share it with someone. Is anyone else out there watching Kiddy Grade?

Just watched the first three episodes again and found them even more enjoyable the second time.

Anyone out there have recommendations for something similar? Anime Planet recommends Noir, which I have (and like), as well as Vandread, which I have some of (but have not yet watched), and two other series I know nothing about – Scrapped Princess and Stellvia of the Universe. Anyone familiar with those?