Ann Coulter or Leni Riefenstahl?

Vignette: You’re stuck on a tropical island with no hope of rescue. There’s food and fresh water to subsist, but no iPod, no plasma TV, no PS-3, you get the idea.

You MUST choose from one (and only one) of two female life companions: arch-conservative Ann Coulter or arch-conservative Leni Riefenshahl.

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Ann in a heartbeat.

Leni Riefenstahl.

I can’t deal with Ann Coulter and at the very least, Leni was a filmmaker so we’d have at least something to talk about.

Would Leni Riefenstahl be there in her prime? It IS a desert island after all…

Hmmm … they’re both Nazis, but at least Leni had talent.

Leni, definitely.

There’s a difference? :confused: :eek:

Ann Coulter.

Two words:

Angry sex

I could probably turn Coulter out. Leni’s vision would seduce me.

Leni. At the very least, she could teach me German.

I’m already fluent in 20 dialects of Shrill Bitch, no need for Ann there.

For appearance, Coulter looks hard while Riefenstahl looks severe. I am not attracted to “hard” women.

Much more importantly, Riefenstahl had a brain.

Leni, definitely! The woman would have tons of interesting stories to tell. Plus, in her youth she wasn’t too bad-looking, and she was rather liberal when it came to the human body (at least that’s the impression you get from watching “Olympia”).

Leni, definetly. Partly because I despise Coulter, but mostly because I’m really a Nazi war criminal hiding in South America.


Aha! You were bound to slip up sooner or later, Herr Miller. :stuck_out_tongue:
Count me in for Ann, though. I’m sure you could find some way to use her hate to power a boat of some kind.

Leni Riefenstahl. Seeing as how she’s dead, she wouldn’t be competing with me for coconuts and other scarce resources.

Ann Coulter…things would get rough and dirty. She’d be begging me to settle for a Lewinsky.

Leni, so long as I can be boss. I don’t want to be rescued saying, “I vas just following orders.”

Leni. She was pretty hot back in the day , in a Morticia Addams meets Ilsa, She-Wolf Of The SS kinda way.

Leni Riefenstahl was not a member of the Nazi Party. Nor does it seem she shared Nazi beliefs. Her politics were pretty much whoever would hire her. As she said, she would have made a film about Stalin if Stalin gave her the money.

Is there any other kind?

Is it just me, or does she coincidentally look quite a bit like Coulter in that picture?

Or is it not a coincidence, and Coulter is the result of some kind of master-race breeding program and crafted from Riefenstahl’s DNA?