Annie-Xmas is injured.

Just heard from Annie – she fell down and broke her left arm and will be in a cast for the next six weeks.

As you might expect she’s feeling pretty miserable and could use some cheering up.

So I’ve opened this thread.

(I also have her snail mail address and permission to give it privately to people who might want to send a get-well card.)

[EMAIL=“”]Send me an email.

Feel better Annie! Is it at least a good story?

Thanks for the word, TubaDiva.

Annie, does this give you the perfect excuse to avoid the Easter egg toss?

I forget if you ever said, but are you left-handed? I’ve found it harder to type with just my right hand when I only use one. The SHIFT key is also a problem since I had to look to see there’s one on the right side of the keyboard.

No fooling, though, hope you find some fun things to do with one flipper.

I know mimicry is supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery, but I only sprained the ankle falling down the stairs. P.S. I fixed the hole in the wall a couple days ago.

In all seriousness I wish you could have been spared a broken arm and the tumble. Details would be appreciated when you feel up to posting. We’ll understand if you only use half of the letters on the keyboard. :slight_smile:

Feel better, Annie!

I don’t see the big problem here. She’s still eligible to enter our “One Armed Cartwheel Contest” next week.


Get better! Heal quickly! Spring is coming*! The snow is melting*!
[sub]*unless you’re way down south[/sub]

  1. Hi, Annie.

Sorry to hear you got plastered! Get better soon, mkay?

Feel better soon, Annie!

Ouch – sorry to hear this. Heal up quickly, Annie!

The longest word you can type using only your left hand is “stewardess.” Other than that, Annie X-Mas, you’re really not missing much. Feel better soon!

Hope you’re on the mend soon, Annie! Can we send temporary tattoos of our names so we can all sign your cast? :smiley:

Can we gets pics of the all-star-signed cast when you’re done with it, Annie?

How long do you have to wear it? I hope it mends well, just remember you’re not allowed to use the cast as a club, mkay?

What, didn’t I mention they were having a sale on question marks today?

Hugs for you Annie!

Feel better soon, Annie!

Feel better and come back soon!

Rest up, and heal well!

Heal up fast!

Feel better, Annie!!