Anniversary Gifts

So, next week is our 14th anniversary. I found at least one site that says this is our “ivory” anniversary. First, is it legal to own ivory in the USA anymore? Second, any good gift suggestions? Times are a bit tight at Chez Shibb, so nothing too extravagant. I am pretty horrible at coming up with gift ideas, though, so most any suggestion would help.

As far as I know, it is legal to own fossilized ivory and walrus ivory. There are several sites selling ivory gifts (jewelry, scrimshaw, carvings). If you google “alaskan ivory gifts” you’ll get quite a few good results.

Well, it doesn’t have to be real ivory, you know. You could get faux ivory, or you could just get her something ivory colored.

If she’s a jewelry sort of woman, you might think about getting her a cameo. They’re very pretty, and you can often find them pretty inexpensively.

Nothing says lovin’ like a hunk of dead elephant! I like the suggestion of getting her something ivory coloured (it’s a popular colour in elegant undergarments), though certainly legally obtainable walrus ivory isn’t a bad solution either. What sorts of interests does she have? There’s bound to be something that would suit her taste and interests and can still be played off an ivory association.

Of course there’s always Mammoth ivory jewelry. Certainly not an endangered or protected species – they’re all already dead…

You could carve her something out of Ivory Soap! Instructions

Although ivory-colored lingerie would probably go over better.

Are you artistic at all? Some craft supply companies sell “vegetable ivory” - also known as tagua nut. It can be scrimshawed or carved, or you can buy vegetable ivory beads to string a necklace or bracelet.

Or, you could look for a genuine antique ivory piece - they’re not all expensive, you may find some lovely pieces very reasonably priced in an estate jewelry store.

I also thought of carving something out of Ivory soap. I am sort of artistic, but there are time constraints and she doesn’t have nearly enough nice undies, so I’ll probably go that way. The only problem is finding anything in her size. But I’ll see what I can do. :slight_smile:

Fake ivory is pretty. You really can’t tell the difference. I’m not sure if you can own old ivory…the kind that was already carved before the laws went into effect.

Give her an old piano key. Framed. With a love poem behind it. The key to your heart kind of thing.