Announcement for my ICQ List

Sorry to do this this way, but I’ve lost my address book & I haven’t got time to look up everyone’s addy.

It seems that somebody has stolen my ICQ number and is pretending to be me. Yeah, as if. :smiley: Anyway, take my current number off of your buddy lists, ban me, whatever. I will start all over again with a new number ASAP.

Thank you.


Ooooh, and I’ll make up a secret question and send it to y’all so you’ll know it’s really me and not some imposter. This could be fun! :smiley:

Tracy, what’s my dog’s name? (Don’t answer!) :wink:

Tracy, I don’t have ICQ but can you send me your “safe” email address?

Of course, you’ll have to be sure to put some kind of code word in the email so I’ll know it’s really from you :slight_smile:

I figured it wasn’t you when my messages kept going unanswered.

Ok dear, the old you is on my ignore list. I don’t want to post my ICQ number, but evilbeth has my permission to give it to you so you can add me to your list once you set up your new account.


Okay, as soon as I get Tracy central up and running I’ll send everyone the new e-mail, phone number, ICQ & AIM, and all that good stuff.

It would be easier and cheaper to join witness protection program, I think. :wink:

And would that be the poodle’s name, Bethie? :wink:

Well, I feel better knowing this - I thought you were ignoring me… <sniff sniff whimper whine>

FCM, I saw it was your birthday back when it was and I meant to send you a card, but I kept putting it off, then the day of my ISDN went down and it took almost 2 days to fix, then it was a bit late and I felt sheepish…soooooooo

Happy Suprise Birthday!!!
And with that, my conscience is now officially clear. :smiley:

Aw, gee, {{{tatertot}}} - now you’ve got me all mushy and teary… thanks for reminding me how old and decrepit I’m becoming…

bwahahahahahaha! :smiley:

Hmmmm…I thought someone was being awful quiet…I will do that when I get home. Is the secret question gonna be different for everybody? :wink:


Oooh, I know what the secret questions for Odie are going to be:

  1. What is Tracy’s dream job?
  2. Who is the sickest, most deranged singer songwriter ever?
  3. What is his sickest song?

Or I could just send pics of myself holding the current day’s newspaper before starting each IM session. :smiley:

I’ve no land line at the mo. so I’m not using ICQ as you know but I’m sure I would have recognised a lack of “totness” if I had of being talking the impostor.

Mail me with the safe addy when you get a chance.

Me too!

If you’re looking for suggestions.