Announcers say the darndest things.

Today’s football announcer on the weather:

“The weather is nicer than you’d expect this time of year, which is a great thing for the Eagles because the last thing McNabb wants is for the cold weather to shrink his package”

:wink: He’s not the only one.

“There are hardly any no-shows here today!” :eek:

I posted this in another thread a little while ago:

I dont’ understand. Are you positive that two of those Decembers didn’t have 5 Sundays?

Um…it’s still November. And presumably was yesterday, too.

During the Bears’ execution by the Vikings yesterday, Joe Buck mentioned that the Vikings would accept a false start penalty on the Bears rather than declining and going with the results of the play. He doesn’t seem to know that you HAVE to accept a false start penalty, because it’s a dead-ball foul.

And Troy Aikman didn’t correct him, either. God, I hate Joe Buck.

Why doesn’t that make any sense? For teams that stink, it’s not uncommon for season ticket holders to stay home, especially when the weather is terrible. They are called “no-shows”, because they don’t show up.

**Ponch8 **- are you sure it wasn’t defensive offsides?

I think the point is that by definition, no-shows are not here. It makes more sense to say “Not a lot of no-shows today!”

Re: “Shrink his package” What else could this mean that doesn’t make me giggle?

I’m sure if he had time to edit it, he would have fixed things. :rolleyes:

In football the Coaching staff puts in a set of plays for that week that they will be calling from during the game day, and practices them for crisp execution. And it’s pretty common to call it that week’s play package.
But windy or really sloppy weather can make some plays just innefective or dangerous to run. So the available set of plays is reduced.

But I’ve never heard anyone,I think it was Moose Johnston, phrase it quite that way before.

During the Australia/England rugby match, something like “If you can grow a mustache, you should be able to hold a ball”.

It was indeed ruled a false start. It was during the drive that the Bears began on Minnesota’s 8 yard line and finished on Minnesota’s 20.

Simarily, a long, long time ago, the camera was showing a sparse crowd at an Atlanta Falcon game, and the announcer says: “There is a great shot of all the no-shows”

If they’re “here”, they’re not no-shows, silly.

ETA: Wow, that took forever to post.

Not sports related, but:

“They know they’re obviously watching something that can never be repeated- Michael Jackson will only die once.”

Hank Williams said something about “no separation of church and state” during the intro music for MNF today. What the hell?

Hopefully it was just a Patriots vs Saints joke

Everybody’s talking at me…