annoying phrase

Anyone who says “You go girl!” should be immediately put to death. Ditto for “I hearrrrrd that”.

How about…

“Trudat, trudat!”


“Go to war, Miss Molly!” meaning “Get out!” (A popular Baltimore favorite. It remains to be seen who Miss Molly is or why she was to go to war.)

Okay, it isn’t as annoying as the one’s ya’ll have already mentioned, but when someone admits to a mistake, and instead of saying, ‘oops, I made an error.’ They say, " oh that’s my bad". I want to yell, what?? Your bad what? Complete the sentence, PLEASE!

That “Wazzzzup!” Bud commercial…


Somebody in my office keeps playing it on their computer, and it never fails to get a laugh. Keep in mind that these are aerospace engineers in their 40’s and 50’s, not construction workers or frat boys! WTF?

“My bad. Don’t go there. Too much information.”

I don’t own guns anymore. I am glad I don’t.

These make me want to slap people:
“What for?” (say “Why?”)
“How come…” (ditto)
“Where you at?” (Where are you?)
(my grandma’s pet peve) “I ain’t got no…”
My personal favorite, in view of the fact that the newspaper for which I work is being sold and the competing newspaper in town is named the Perspective: “The perspective buyers will be here on Tuesday…” This last came in a memo from management (?). I wanted to send a memo back explaining the work “prospective.” Or let’s just shoot ourselves in the foot…

In other words, why don’t you clearly state the hell what you mean the first time, instead of repeating yourself and wasting my time.

Managers are especially guilty of this, as a rule.

I absolutely hate anything that is wasssup, sup people, or just sup? It sounds like a moron that can’t finish a sentence.

I like dislike when people like use the word ‘like’ like way way way too many times when they are speaking, like you know what I mean ?
wasssup, I caould do without too.
Where are you at? My husband says that, but he is fron Newfoundland and they have sayings that I had never heard before. The only anwser for ‘Where are you at?’ is ‘I’ll come where your to.’ Whenever it gets annoying I tell him ‘It hurts me mind.’ (which is another newfie saying)

“Let’s think outside the box.”

No, let’s not. How’s about you crawl back into whatever box you came out of, shut it up real tight, and stay there.

I personally like the Wazzup but, after a while, I’m sure it will get old.

I don’t like the following phrases:

You go girl
Check that
Wanna step
There’s several others but I won’t take the time to list them because that means I have to think about them!!

“Do what?” - used when someone didn’t hear you.

“Are you going to the store later?”
“Do what?”

I want to say, “I didn’t ask you to do anything.”

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“Talk to the hand”
That is plain moronic and rude.