Annoying Propoganda My Relatives Sent Me (Issue 1)

Now I’m all for justice where justice is deserved, kicking a moocher in the ass, and other conservative values that are generally viewed as nefarious–but look to me as being more long-term viable.
But darn it people, stop sending me stupid propoganda that’s just thinking with your penis.
Anyhoo, for today’s bit of humor value, I share Annoying Propoganda My Relatives Sent Me:*

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. :smack:

I hope you all don’t get liberal stuff like this. Though actually I should get my mom’s parents to send me some stuff, just so we can have Equal Opportunity Annoying Propoganda and get both parties in here.

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Interesting. But I would like to know how law-enforcement personnel can tell the difference between Muslim males and other-than-Muslim males.

It’s a stupid, ignorant email, in that everyone knows that young muslim males constitute the majority of terrorists, and that the vast majority of muslims are not terrorists, and most of those denounce it.

It is also heartening that the more enlightened muslim leaders are taking steps to curb their more fanatical members.

It’s an interesting example of selective evidence. One could make a similar email using Chuck Manson, Ted Bundy, Timothy McVeigh, the Unabomber, BTK, Son of Sam, and Albert DeSalvo (The Boston Strangler) to show that all white males are pure evil.


I think you’re pretty much making the same mistake as this little bit of propaganda.

That I am aware, there is silly propaganda on either side…? I mean, obviously they’ll state stupid things with a different political leaning, but so far as I aware stupid was stupid regardless of whether you agree with the “lean” of the text.

Or do you mean because “Hunt down and string up dem Ayrabs!” isn’t necessarily a conservative-only belief? I would still bet that this is propaganda made by and intended for bible-thumping conservatives, even though there may indeed be enough hot-heads to buy into it on either side.

Anyhoo, I am simply posting this for humor value. Maybe when I get home, I’ll go through my mailbox to see if I can find some ex-gems.

Hey, I welcome my WASP overlords!


Alrighty, second one coming–no forward marks, so this one’s rating is Unknown.

This one I actually researched just to show that it was propaganda, with the results as follows: (Note that there is a mail in between the former and this that I am skipping.)

The following response was received:


Alright, this one’s actually mildly humorous:

And apologies to Mods, I’ve just been wanting to put these to some use (not meaning to bump.)

I just gotta say…it was really unfair of my parents to send me to school via time machine back to 1950!

I agree there is lots of silly propaganda on both sides of the political spectrum. But I can’t recall any liberals espousing “HDASUTA!” Am I being whooshed?

At least those Spanish-speaking kids are getting good basic math skills.

As someone who did once math for my living, and still teaches it, I decry the revisionist implication that all the “New Math” initiatives were put in place with left-of-center motivation.

IMHO, the Cold War (boosted by Sputnik) was the reason we thought we would beat the Soviets by teaching all our kids higher mathematics. (I was born in 1959 in West Virginia, and they started teaching us set theory in first grade).

No, I’ve heard enough random people after any terrorist event (9/11, London, etc.) suddenly switching off their brain momentarily to yell out some variant of “HDASUDA!” that I have to assume at least some of them are (registered) libs. (I’m certain I could find some on the board, even.) But more of, I just wasn’t sure what Arwin meant.

And I got the 50s math method–but my K-8 education was a little 120 kid school in the middle of nowhere being taught by mountain-men–so I’m doubting it’s representative. My fellow high schoolers in Seattle though, probably got 1970’s about.

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Regarding the “muslim extremists” email; I seem to recall a poster here created a great come-back email with ~20 or so crimes committed by fundamentalist white christian males. You should dig that up & hit the “Reply-All” button…

There might be something to profiling religious extremist of any stripe, particularly the young males mostly between ages of 17 and 40. Maybe we should round up Jack Chick and his ilk (the Christian mullahs) and incarcerate them at Gitmo?

A couple of years ago the first official mosque here (Northern Ireland) had been built and was being opened. Politicians and community leaders were invited to celebrate the occassion and most were only too happy to turn up, Ian Paisley however declined stating that “He did not wish to be associated with a religion of violence”.

Irony overload…head implodes

The above list makes about as much sense…

So what was your score?

I have seen far mroe conservative-leaning glurge out there than liberal-leaning essays. Look on Snopes, and you’ll see the same trend. I wonder why such glurge seems to be common for those on the right, not less so for the left?

Unfortunately the Republican party is currently propped up by the Bible belt, I think. Which is scary in that as rational republicans and non separate, the republican party is going to rupture leaving democrats to ride in and socialise everything.

But I give it at least 10 years to start coming to that.*

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