Annoying song that is just "BUZZZZZ" for the last 2-3 minutes

I’m at the gym and there is some annoying song that must be popular or was recently. The last few minutes just seems to be a constant one note buzz. There is a light drum track in the background and an occasional vocalized syllable every few seconds…but its dominated by that incessant constant buzz.

I have no idea how ‘new’ this song is, I stopped listening to new music in 1980.

The climactic sequence of 28 Days Later has a metal instrumental piece called “In the House, In a Heartbeat,” which kind of buzzes for the last 2 or 3 minutes. Desperate long shot.

not that one. I wonder if I search for songs and just go “RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR” if it will pop up.

there’s more than one, why¿

That’s not the same song I was hearing at the gym. It was annoying and I want to know what is annoying me. The one linked was actually pleasant. The one I’ve heard sounds like the droning of an airplane engine.

One monotone sound…not even a ‘note’ in the sense that its a repeating strum of a guitar string. Its just a constant droning buzz.

Well, the next time you hear it pull out your cell phone and go to the Google search bar, tap the little microphone and say, “What song is this?” I love this feature as I am in the same situation as you regarding newer music.

I raced to my phone, but didn’t get there in time. Next time I notice it, this is my plan.

I actually tried verbally ‘buzzing’ into my phone, but i ran out of breath before it decided it didn’t recognize the song.

What style of music is it? Any lyrics you can recall before the buzz?

I can’t really tell, partly because I’m oblivious to the song until the buzzing part, and partly because I’m ignorant of current music styles. Its not Rap, I can tell you that. Just seems like standard ‘post-millennium popular music.’

No lyrics that I can recall, as I’m not paying attention…except during the buzzing portion there seems to be an occasional punctuation of a ‘Yeah!’ or some sort of vocalization…maybe once every 10 seconds(?).

No Reason, by the Chemical Brothers? My current favourite track, mostly because of the video.

unfortunately, no. That isn’t it either. The end of that one had actual notes being played

Do you know where the gym is getting the music? Is it a streaming service, or an in house recording?
You may be able to get a directory of what has played recently, and check each song.

Flight of the Bumblebee?

I’d use Shazam, and keep your phone atthe ready.
I think there’s an “Always On” setting you could use at the gym.

Only 2-3 minutes? Not Neil Young.