Annoying things your SO has done lately

Minor annoying things, please. The stuff you want to kill them for can go in another thread.

I just need to feel a bit better about this: Last night I caught my husband washing peanut butter off the dog’s chest with the kitchen sponge. :eek:

Um…I had to fill the sugar bowl again this morning. I always end up filling the sugar bowl.

How’s that?

Mine asks me almost every day, “What’s for dinner tonight?” Background: he’s 73 and retired, I’m 69 and still work full time. I think I’ve (mostly) convinced him that I don’t like it because it definitely sounds to me like he thinks I’m in charge of menu selection and preparation. So now he says it (mostly) to be funny. Why am I not laughing?

I have started typing this question four different times, and each time I’ve stopped and thought better of it. But hey, it’s the holiday season, and I think we could all use a gift.

So: How did peanut butter get on the dog’s chest?

We have a litter box in the laundry/mechanical room. My Wife will sweep up the stray litter, cat and dog hair, and other ditruis into little piles, only to have the dogs (and sometimes me if I don’t see it) walk through it and spread it around again.

Rinse and repeat.

Honey, you’re half way there, just get a dust pan and pick up the pile and throw it away.

When she cleans, she only cleans about 75% of the way, but leaves all the cleaning gear- buckets, brushes, solutions, rags, vacuum, etc- in the room because she “plans to finish it tomorrow”, then doesn’t, but the stuff stays there for a week. At that point, she gets tired of seeing it and puts it away and determines to finish the job the next time. Rinse, repeat. So no room actually ever gets fully cleaned.

I’ve begged and pleaded to get someone to come in like once a month to clean the place top to bottom- even 2 or 3 times a year- but she won’t have it.

Silly, the same way it always gets on the dog’s chest. :wink:

She keeps moving the grates from the stove to the sink. She doesn’t wash them, she just puts the heavy, cast-iron burner grates in the sink. Yeah, they’re dirty but she never washes them. They are a pain in the butt to wash, so I get that, but they are really heavy and glasses can break easily if things get piled up. Yes, we have talked about it.

I was wonder the same thing. Or was she irritated because he was using the kitchen sponge? And why do I now feel a need to put peanut butter on my dogs chest?

I can’t think of a thing. Which sucks, because I wanted to post something here. Bitch!

He puts dishes with food still on them in the left-hand sink, which has no garbage disposal. The food ends up in the trap in the drain, and someone has to go in there and dig out the cold greasy sludgy chunks with her fingers. It’s not hard to scrape off the food into the trash or the right-hand sink, but somehow I end up mining for garbage in the sink trap every other night.

Mine will never turn the bedroom light off at night. He will go to sleep with the light on if I haven’t already turned out the light. I haven’t figured out whether he doesn’t care or if he thinks the light will magically turn off by itself. The kids and I were gone for 6 days over Thanksgiving and I am curious to know if he ever turned the bedroom light out or just left it on for 6 nights.

He pushes my wheelchair, he opens jars, he assists.
Without being asked to.
Yes, I know that I look tired, yes, I know that we’re in a hurry.
Yes, I even know that you’ve only trying to be helpful.
Still, just, piss off.
I can’t even have a good argument with him, the man is Teflon, he just won’t lose his temper with me.
I’m the bad person here, so, here, today,on the internet, I say, get stuffed, husband.

I’m missing the annoying part - would we rather the peanut butter stayed on the dog’s chest, or is it the value of the kitchen sponge that is being trashed the concern?

I’m wondering if the husband wasn’t planning on returning the sponge to the sink to continue its regular dishwashing service.

My girlfriend is doesn’t seem to think anything bad of leaving all the lights on in the apartment. I’ve asked her to please turn them off when she leaves the room (I’m mentioned the environmental angle in addition to the financial one), and she’s gotten better, but still… plenty of times, say, leaving the bathroom light on for 20+ minutes because she’s in the kitchen and she’s “coming back”.

We have a kitchen counter. We have a sink. We have a dishwasher.

My wife will take dishes from the counter, and put them in the sink. Oh, she’s going to wash them? No, of course not, she puts them in the sink and walks away.

WHAT THE FUCK. It would just as easy to put the dish in the dishwasher. Oh, you don’t want to wash that particular thing in the dishwasher? Then go right the fuck ahead and wash it in the sink, that’s fine. Don’t feel like washing it right now, or ever? Then leave it the fuck alone.

Because when you put the fucking dish in the sink, and we’re cooking and washing and doing daily tasks, and the sink gets filled with grease and moldy water, the dish is even filthier and harder to clean, plus even if you want to wash a fucking dish now you have to clean the goddam sink first before you can wash one fucking thing.

You don’t have to wash the goddam dishes. But if you aren’t going to wash the goddam dish, stack it on the counter so that someone else–like me–can, when the time comes, wash the goddam dish. Except she somehow thinks that by piling filthy rotting dishes in the sink with a half-inch of greasy dishwater and leaving them there she’s helping. I mean, part of doing dishes is putting them in the sink, right? So she’s moved us forward by one step, right? AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

If I hadn’t come around the corner in time to see that man wiping off the dog and tossing the sponge back into the sink, I would never have known it was contaminated and gone on to use it for washing dishes! I love the dog, I love peanut butter, I even still love the husband, but that sponge is dead to me.

[Poindexter the pedantic nitpicker]I’m assuming you rinse the sponge before using it for any washing? And use some soap in the process? Not that I am Tarzan of the Sponges, defender of all things Sponge - just curious of the mechanics?[/Poindexter the pedantic nitpicker]

And you don’t help her because…why? :slight_smile:

My SO left yesterday to spend Christmas with his daughter. I’ll miss him, but I’m good for now. Ask me in a few weeks. :smiley: Although I did put the new toilet roll in the holder, from its former spot on the counter. Why is that so difficult? I ran a test once-it will sit on the counter until it’s gone.

Not enough to remove greasy dog hairs and wash the plates. Hey, are you my husband?