Annoying things your SO has done lately

Yep as long as the wife doesn’t see no harm.

You should be so lucky.


The Clapper makes a wonderful xmas gift.

Where do I start?

Since we are on the topic of dishes, my wife may wash the dishes, but she likes to put pots, pans, anything that does not go in the dishwasher; in a strainer to air-dry. That’s all well and good, but she puts the strainer in the sink, so any water coming off goes into the sink and drain. Then, never puts dry stuff away, but continues to pile new wet stuff on top, until I come along to put everything away.

Yes, we are aware of the techology of that plastic thingy you put ON the counter that the strainer goes on, that funnels water into the sink. The design flaw there is that it requires empty counter space, which we dont have due to other clutter <sigh>. The problem is that anything needing to be washed has to be done in the little side of the sink.

Also, we are trying to instill good kitchen habits for the kids. Like, if you use a dish and utensil, go ahead and rinse it off, if needed, and then put it in the dishwasher. Don’t leave it on the counter for someone else to deal with. But NOOOO, she does this all the time, so of course it is not uncommon for me to come home to a countertop full of someone else’s dirty dishes, the small side of the sink with dirty pots and pans, and the large side of the sink full of clean, dry dishes needing to be put away.

My wife doesn’t do much that really annoys me.


She likes to put her purse, the mail, the newspaper, her hat and gloves, her lunch bag, and whatever else is in her hands when she comes home, on the countertop. Where I am cooking. The countertop is a work surface, not a storage area.

Yeah? How about the folding table from Thanksgiving? The one my wife asked me to keep up so she could use it as a work surface to make holiday knick-knacks? The one where a week later she was using every square inch as a storage area? The one that’s still up and is still a storage area for her stuff that I can’t touch because I’ll put stuff away in the wrong place?

My wife never does anything to annoy me.

She’s also a sometimes-Doper.

These things are completely unrelated!

My wife never visits here, to my knowledge. Not in at least a decade. She knows I’m on here nearly daily.

I’m still not answering this one!

he could have taken hair clippers to the dog.

stop telling her about the place or she’ll never try it.

My spouse often does some yoga in the bedroom before going to sleep. But to do yoga, the bedroom window *must *be open. It doesn’t help that the bedroom is already the coldest room in the house. I usually go to bed after my spouse, so I get to get undressed in a cold room.

Just can’t do this in another room, CAN you!!!





Oh boy, I could go on for days, but I’ll just stick with the dishes theme we seem to have going on here.

My husband also puts all his dirty dishes in the sink, but he doesn’t just stack them. He will put a pot or pan in first and then stand the plates and bowls around the pot. It irritates the hell out of me. Everything is jammed in so tight, I practically break the dishes trying to remove them. And it’s noisy so I can’t clean up if he’s still in bed. Well, I could, but I don’t. I’ve asked him to just leave them on the counter, but he won’t do it.

Both of our housekeeping skills suck, so he’s pretty safe on that front. Anything I could say about him, I’m worse at. :smiley:

But he’s one of those people that always has to have the TV on. Whether he’s watching it or not. Whether he’s in the room or not. He will walk into the room where I’m sitting doing paperwork or surfing the Dope, turn on the TV, and walk out of the room again. :confused: Gee…um…thanks? I suppose I could turn it off again, but I know it wouldn’t last, so why bother? It’s become background for me now. While I used to watch TV shows, now I never do. It’s on so much, I can’t actually focus and watch anything. I just looked up, and there are half naked women in angel wings on a catwalk. He’s been gone from the house for an hour. I didn’t even really notice that he left the TV on when he left, but of course he did.

Then you ought to have a separate kitchen sponge dedicated just to removing peanut butter from dog’s chest.

I could write volumes on this subject. Biggest thing, she never puts anything away. She moves stuff to different places, but just anywhere it fits. I can’t find anything around here after she touches it. The idea that things are put away in a specific place so you can find them again is foreign to her.

“Do we have anything to eat?”

We have two refrigerators, an upright freezer, and decent-sized pantry, the breakfast food/bread/peanut butter cabinet above the microwave, and two cupboards near the stove full of spices, flours, extracts, cooking oils, etc. And a gigantic bowl that’s always full of fruit to snack on. I’m only half joking when I say that we’re about two MREs away from an episode of Doomsday Preppers.

I’m generally tempted to say “no” and leave it at that, but I’m a good wife: I only use that answer 1/4 to 1/3 of the time.

that’s the ’ if you can’t see it then it’s put away’ strategy.

My wife was born raised and had kids in China before we moved to the US. She puts all sorts of kitchen refuse in the sink, which has a garbage disposal. Peel and apple, well hell the peels go in the sink -but not down the disposal. Just sit there in the sink all day. Mao on a pogo stick, it often looks like someone threw half the trash can in the sink, and couldn’t be bothered to actually push it down the drain and turn on the garbage disposal.

Also, on the rare occaisions when she uses the disposal, she puts in stuff like raw chicken skin that doesn’t actually grind up and go down the disposal.

So, on the one hand, there is food refuse just sitting in the sink that I have to push down the disposal and grind. On the other hand, there is a disposal full of grotty stuff that won’t actually grind through the disposal that I have to go pull out by hand. Win win. :slight_smile: