Annoying things your SO has done lately

Recent one: doesn’t bring his dirty lunch containers home from work for a while, then leaves a lunch bag full of dirty, moldy, smelly containers on the kitchen counter.

I’d be more concerned about the peanut butter. Does the dog have his own jar? If he doesn’t, that’s kind of gross, especially if there’s double-dipping. :eek:

Our son figured out how to open the doors and would dash out in the yard at all times of night or day, so she started using the deadbolt and locking them internally, then he figured out how to use the keys to unlock that(he is four). So she started hiding the keys at night, sometimes she can’t even find them, like if I want to go outside(kiddo has slyly observed us retrieving them and then later on he will get them and do a dash). So now if I want to go outside after she is asleep sometimes she can’t remember where the keys are.

Yes I am locked in my own house, and it is really annoying. I’ve threatened to take every louver window out of the kitchen window and jump out(I’ve done it a few times).

So, is the annoying part that he leaves them sitting there until he gets around to cleaning them?

For reasons that utterly escape me, my husband who uses a computer regularly to shop, surf, work and all sorts of things hasn’t gotten around to the idea of a paperless bank account. He banks online, but hasn’t fully gotten the idea. Nor does he have a system for dealing with paper statements, he thinks they’re vaguely important and doesn’t regularly shred and toss them, but not important enough to save or file in any way. So wherever he happened to be when going through the mail, there’s a statement left sitting around. Coffee table, kitchen counter, computer desk, end tables… eventually I just get rid of them, when he’s forgotten about them. And not once has he ever asked where they went or needed to look at them again.
Why?! Switch to e-statements, or get rid of them, or keep them in one spot until the pile is threatening to topple over and bury us, but do something!

My wife keeps complaining that the kids don’t pay attention to her.

Case in point. She will tell the kids, “OK, it’s time to go up to bed.” Then she turns around and starts a project. Five minutes later, it’s “OK, it’s time to go up to bed.” again. Then she puts some things in the sink and wipes the counter. Then “OK, it’s time to go up to bed.” and she looks at her phone for a bit. Then we get “OK, it’s time to go up to bed.” Rinse and repeat.

The kids are playing, of course, since they know that “OK, it’s time to go up to bed.” means they have another hour and a half before they have to move. I’ve told her a zillion and a half times that she’s just training them to ignore her, and she’ll nod like she’s listening to me, give a thoughtful look like she’s really happy I’m helping her solve one her greatest problems. And tomorrow she’ll tell the kids “OK, it’s time to go up to bed.”

I have been feeling a mite cranky of late anyway, with winter coming on, but here is what my SO does that annoys me most of all right now. When he cooks, he has this habit of whenever there is a break - you know, when the chicken is steaming or whatever - of running off to his computer in between.

He has occasionally (very rarely) burned the food, but that is not my problem. My problem is when I cook, I tidy as I go! The noodles are cooking? Meanwhile I’m throwing away the noodle box, putting away the flour, putting the dishes in the sink. I know my way is better. I do, because when I am all done, half the work of tidying is already done, but when he is done, everything is still there, strewn all over the place!

I’ve tried to tell him to stick around in between steps instead of running off. He just says uh-huh and then races off again!

My husband will trim his beard and mustache and leave the trimmings all over the bathroom sink even though I and our kids have asked him countless times to clean up after himself.

And yes, I know a man’s dogs get to barking when he’s been on his feet in steel toed boots from 7am till whenever in all kinds of weather, but that does not mean he gets to come home, pull off his socks, wad them up, and stuff them into the sofa. Or leave them under the kitchen table.

Oh, Zorkmid, the socks. The socks are my bane. If I am every filthy rich I have told him I will buy him a new pair of socks every day and he can just throw them away. I find them everywhere. Down the hall. In the closet. Under the bed. under the couch.

I hate his socks. I have threatened to them on fire.

Ha, we do that too! Except he will also bring his computer to the kitchen and use it there, later abandoning it on the sticky crumby countertop, along with plugged-in phone chargers, musical instruments, and other detritus. Anything fragile and expensive will be left propped precariously: laptop hanging cantilevered inches off the side of the counter, guitars ready to crash to their deaths on the tile floor. Some dishes might make it to the sink, but at least one food-covered utensil must be left on the counter to summon any nearby insects. Any dishes that are washed will have a film of grease on them.

There will be quite a bit of unnoticed spillage on the floor, but if I point it out he will instinctively reach for the dish sponge to wipe it up. When I point out how disgusting that is he acts as if there are so many thousands of arbitrary rules that even considering making the effort to memorize them could make his head explode.

Naturally, he never gets sick, having built up immunity from a lifetime of unsanitary practices!

Ugh, yes, the pre-laundry sock sweep! They could be anywhere, and they are always wadded up and inside-out!

He also uses my power tools and then leaves them outside to rust. And leaves shaving stubble in the sink, every time!

She wanted me to read an email she was going to send to a student’s parents.

I am not her proofreader. I have my own issues at work. And most annoying of all, upon hearing about the situation my advice was not to engage at all. There was no way that do anything on her part was going to make anything better and everyay it was going to get worse. But, she insisted, if she did not deal with it, they would bring it up to the principal. Of course, the parents are not going to be happy with any response and are going to go to the principal anyways. Give him a heads-up and don’t give the idiot parents any ammunition.

But, she comes to me for this advice and is going to ignore it. Fine. Stubborn as mule sometimes.

A question I commonly ask her: “Is this a topic where you want my opinion, or you just want me to agree with what you say?” Too often, it’s the latter, and then she wonders why I’m quiet most of the time.

Also… I work 10-12 hours a day. Gotta come home every day and cook my dinner, wash my clothes (including ironing), make sure my daughter knows her math. She doesn’t work and, other than walking 10-12 miles/day and taking our daughter to/from school, I’m not too sure what she does with her time.

Here’syour solution!

Mind you, these can be just a tad annoying when you’re having a longer bath (or whatever) than usual and suddenly you’re in the dark… We had a hotel room recently where the bathroom was controlled by such a switch and I finished several showers in the dark. I think the damn thing was on a 5 minute turnoff time or something.

My husband is Practically Perfect In Every Way. OK, he uses a lot of Kleenex and tends to miss the trash can sometimes in the bathroom - but then he deals with it eventually.

Me, however… well, speaking of socks, I tend to wear them to bed this time of year. After a while, the bed is warm enough and my feet need to breathe free, so I scrape them off my feet. They tend to accumulate by the side of the bed. Where my husband gathers them once a week on laundry day.

And said socks tend to be somewhat demonstrative of their religion. I don’t mind wearing socks with small holes in them. This drives my husband batty.

She employs this strategy. I do suffer so.

Most recent occurrence was just yesterday. We have one of those noodle bowls you use for Asian food, with two holes near the top rim to stash your chopsticks. We’ve had it for most of the nearly 12 years we’ve been married. It has always had its place among the other miscellaneous bowls on the second shelf. Yesterday I went to unload dishes from the dishwasher but had to pause when I found this bowl in the lower right corner of the cabinet, right where the stack of cereal/soup bowls goes. And has always gone. For the entirety of that nearly 12 years, during which we have shared this house. Every day we take bowls from there. Every day we put clean ones back there.

Except for yesterday, when apparently the cereal bowls were all momentarily dirty or waiting in the dishwasher to be put away. “Oh, look, an empty spot in the cabinet. Why, that’s the perfect place for this noodle bowl to go! Look how well it fits!”

I literally cannot comprehend this.

@Anaamika and AnaMen,

I think we should just round up and burn all their socks. Outdoors, and stay way upwind from the bonfire. :smiley: They won’t be able to leave stanky socks all over the place if we burn them all, can they? A HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

I get irritated with the tuperware situation. I have tried buying all new tupperware with matching sizes and lids. I have built little organizers, I have just put bins in the cabinet to throw them in, nothing works. If I open the cupboard there is a good chance they will all come rolling out. Somehow when we go out as guests she always comes back with odd sized tupperware that is sent home with us. We don’t need anymore. Why not just have a place in the garage for tupperware to be returned?

Late to reply here, but you could easily fix this just by getting a second dog.

I’m tempted, Dag Otto, but I’ve already bought a new sponge. :slight_smile: