Annoying Thread is History

J. C. Squared, people.

The “Annoying Thread” has been deleted. One of the reasons that we have some of the problems with the board occasionally is because of purposeless threads like this which do nothing but take up bandwidth and slow down the server.

Please, let’s not do this again.


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Is it possible for an “announcement” to be placed at the top of the message boards with a DNFTT warning/suggestion? There have been so many lately that it seems to make sense.

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It might be possible, but it’s been my experience that it’s doesn’t really work. The people who know enough not to respond to them generally don’t, and a message at the top of the screen isn’t going to stop those who get their jollies out of it.

What I was concerned about more with this thread was that it was such a mish-mosh of double posts, smileys, hyperlinks repeated a couple of hundred times and just nonsense that even as mundane conversation it failed the test. This was part of the reason that we disabled the HTML on the board; because it was turning into such a nightmare with some posters abusing the priviledge.

Notwithstanding what others have posted before, the best way to deal with trolls is just not to deal with them. Even though we can’t be online 24 hours a day, we do try as best as we can to keep on top of the situation, and we do communicate a lot (and I mean A LOT! My last internal moderator e-mail count was well over 300 messages) and keep each other posted on what’s going on.

The best thing to do if you find trollish behavior is to e-mail us; in fact e-mail the administrators as well (TUBADIVA, Lynn Bodoni, CKDextHavn, and Ed Zotti all as they can perform the basic moderator functions as well and have the added ability to ban someone if needs be.

Besides, I’ve never seen an example yet where argueing with a troll actually succeeded in making them go away.

Saint Eutychus H.M.S.H.
" ‘He is a prince’ , the minstrels sing.
Among men, yes. Among fools he is a king."

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What are you talking about? There are still plenty of annoying threads!


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I can’t help but feel partially responsible (seeing as I started the thread, and all). I had hoped it would be painful to read in a benign sort of way, not a bandwidth drain.

Ah, well.

It is too clear, and so it is hard to see.

It amused me, for one. I mean, where else could I have found that wonderful link to “Small Wonder?” :slight_smile:


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Sorry about that Euty. I was just trying to live up to the annoying thread’s ideals. I now know better.


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