Another bad tattoo thread

Some of these you can explain away as just bad artwork. But most of them have conceptual problems. Why would anyone want a tattoo of Bart Simpson’s anus or a pile of shit or a giraffe molesting an elephant?

Oh. My.

Why in the name of all that is pure and good would someone tattoo the Goatse guy on his chest?

The tooth one is funny, in a “Huh?” kind of way.

The hamster/finger is awesome!

And the monkeys.

I thought the bike handles was clever, if the dude is a BMX enthusiast who likes to be ridden in bed…

Dude, the giraffe raping the elephant gains points for the moustache alone. The hamster wins for scoring a perfect 100 on the 1-100 WTF Scale. I am completely convinced that the thong tattoo is fake, so no points for that.

The coloured one with the little girl was surprisingly not-cartoony.

I wonder whether the sticks of dynamite would show up on an airport scanner? :slight_smile:

How many other people read #2 simply as a commandment “Don’t Make Trash”?

The guy with the face tat on the back of his head is pretty weird.

I wonder if it would disappear with his hair grown out?

I can’t imagine living with these things.

If the tooth tat belongs to a dentist with a sense of humor, it’s awesome. Anyone else, it’s not.

The monkey artwork looks like it was done by Slug Signorino.

I did a double take at that.

I sure as hell hope so - I hate to think of the poor tattoo artist who had to ink that.

Is that … Chewbacca … in a blue lounge suit?

There are links to more. twitch

Has there ever been a portrait tattoo that didn’t look completely creepy? I think with the movement of the skin is always going to distort the face in weird ways and end up repulsive.

This is an anecdote I heard on the radio, short and sweet:

Some guy got a tattoo on his forearm of the Leviticus Bible verse that forbids homosexuality.

If he would’ve read a little further in Leviticus, he would’ve found out that tattoos are forbidden too.

I love that one.

The handlebars are cool; all the rest suck. The Goatse doesn’t look like a real tattoo.

Well, that one was obviously a child with Down’s syndrome…

By the way, I actually liked the eyes in the back of the neck. Not that I’d want one like that.

How about Jimmy Carter on someone’s ass cheek?


Only if you have a bunny on the other one…