Another chicken and egg question. Do eggs taste like chicken to you?

I’m not interested in which came first, for now.

Do you think eggs taste like chicken, even a bit? Or that chicken sometimes tastes a bit like egg?

I mean, obviously, they’re made of kinda the same stuff, but do you ever find yourself noticing the similarity in taste? I do.

If you’d no idea chickens and eggs were related, do you think you’d discover the connection just by eating them both?

Afraid not… I’ve never noticed a similarity. And I don’t think I’d connect the two if I did not already know.

No, but I remember the smell you get when you dip a dead chicken* in hot water, and it’s not far from the sulfery smell of a hard-boiled egg.

*Making it easier to pull off the feathers.

I have never thought that eggs tasted anything at all like chicken.I guess eggs could taste kind of like chicken if you fried them in chicken grease,but that just makes my skin crawl.

If it helps, I most notice it in chicken in the dark meat, and I most notice it in eggs if they’re fried - so it is a fat-borne flavour component, I think.

Not even remotely.


No, not at all.



On Opposite Day.

Nada. Absolutely nothing alike. Chicken tastes far more like the meat of entirely different species (see: turkey) than it does like eggs.


No. Really, not even close. The vast majority of what makes up an egg is not found in chicken meat. Likewise, there is very little meat components in eggs. Remember, most of what you eat as an egg is just nutrition for the developing embryo. The “embryo”* part of an edible eggs is very small.

In the end, the commonalities between eggs and chicken are very slim. If you can taste them, you must have an exquisitely tuned sense of taste.

*Yes, I know it isn’t really an embryo, since it hasn’t been fertilized. Poetic license…

ETA: I can’t tell any similarity and I wouldn’t make the connection if it wasn’t known.

Sure, it’s not meat, but it’s proteins and fats that are also present in the chicken’s flesh, isn’t it? The contents of an egg are assembled in the oviduct, but the components aren’t manufactured there, are they?

I’d like to think that, but if nobody else in the world has ever noticed it, I’ll have a hard time maintaining that notion.

They don’t taste at all alike to me.

Yes, they are assembled in the oviduct, but it’s not like it just packages whatever proteins happen to be around. The contents are made expressly for being packaged in an egg. They have no other role in the chicken.

Fats are a little different story as there generally isn’t as much variation. There could be a certain fat or fats that is in higher prevalence in chickens and that prevalence is carried over to eggs. I don’t know enough about the fat types in either chicken meat or eggs to say.

Food scientists can distill tastes down to a single molecule, so it is possible that you are tasting some molecule that is inherently “chickeny”. My quibble was with the assumption that chickens and eggs are made of the same stuff. In this case, the differences far outweigh the similarities.

Nope, eggs don’t taste don’t like chicken to me. Nor do they taste at all like butter or cheese which perplexed me in the movie Julie and Julia when Julie described her first taste of egg (poached I believe) as tasting like cheese sauce.

Only in the same way that all animal products have a flavor/mouthfeel that’s very unlike all plant based foods. Yum.

No and I’m talking about chicken eggs not turtle, duck, goose or pheasant.

I’ve never noticed any similarity.