Another Co-Worker Rant (Long)

Coworker, when I first started working here four years ago, I printed some envelopes for you because you are too old and have killed too many brain cells with booze to be able to use the word processing system. I answered your telephone for you because, well, I guess because I answer the phone for MY BOSS and you just happen to be in the next room, and my predecessor always answered your phone for you. Also, your position was created by the Big Boss because you guys were friends. As the years went by, you asked me to do more and more of YOUR WORK while you checked your stocks, read the paper, and played solitaire and freecell on the computer.

Every time you yelled out to me, “How do you spell ___________?” I would answer, even though you never believed me and had to recheck it yourself. Every time you yelled out, “How do you . . .” I stopped what I was doing, got out of my chair, and went to show you (again) how to do whatever simple computer operation you couldn’t figure out. When you would get a phone call, usually personal, and you had stepped into someone else’s office to sit around and yak I would stop what I was doing, get up, and walk around until I found you.

Now, in a few months I will have another person for whom I will perform administrative duties. You don’t know it yet, but this person is going to be in your office and you are going to be moved. I have been told to ease up on the work I do for you. So yesterday, after I had already done one of your projects, when you asked me to do another project, I told you I had been told not to do so much of your work. You became apoplectic and began cursing. I told you don’t get mad at me, it came from the Big Boss. You said, “Hell, you don’t do a goddamn thing for me anyway.” EXCUSE ME?!

I can’t mention them here, but let me assure you if it weren’t for me a good bit of your job wouldn’t get done, and what you did manage to get done would be sucky. This (doing your work and being at your beck and call) is in addition to me doing my regular job, half of a whole ‘nother person’s job, and some of another person’s job who decided she was “too busy” and had to give some tasks to someone else, AND I have to be the “backup” computer person to the (more alcoholic and brain dead than you) CSE who spends most of his time looking up Internet porn and every time you ask him something about the system, his answer is “I don’t know.” Well FIND OUT asshole, its your job! (That’s another story . . .)

Ya know, co-worker, it doesn’t really upset me that you’re mad at me and you’re acting like a spoiled brat; what upsets me is that comment, “You don’t do a goddamn thing for me anyway.” Are you just being incredibly stupid or is your brain that pickled that you don’t even realize what all I do for you? Where have you been the last four years? Would you like me to print every letter and document I’ve done for you and bury you in a mountain of paperwork? HOW DARE YOU?

Well, I am learning to say NO. I’m not going to be the Mikey (he’ll eat anything) of the office (she’ll do anything) anymore. It’s mostly my fault that I have been so willing to “do” for others. Now I am overloaded and stressed and now I have to deal with YOU acting all hurt and angry and saying “You don’t do a goddamn thing for me anyway.” GROW UP! You’re 60-something years old! You get paid probably twice what I do and you do about 1/100th the work. Oh, gee, if you have to write your own letters and figure out how to run the computer programs on your own, you might not have time to check your stocks or surf the Internet!

All you other “Mikey’s” out there, practice with me,** NO NO NO NO NO NO NO**. And I DON’T CARE IF YOU DON’T LIKE ME. And THIS IS MY JOB NOT MY LIFE.

Thank you for allowing me to vent.

That’s the spirit. Don’t be a doormat. Let the buggers cope with it.

Doormat persona OFF
Impervious Shield* ON

*I’m rubber and you’re glue; your shit bounces off me and sticks to you! (Now who’s being childish?) :stuck_out_tongue:

Great rant! I dare ya to print it out and hand it your co-worker. I double DOG dare ya!

I think it’ll be enough if you just say NO every time this butt plug asks you to do something. Then make a little tic mark on a post-it note every time he/she walks away cussing.

The next time you hear “You don’t do shit for me, anyway,” bring out your tic tally and say, “Hmmmm… well, then how come you asked me to do 3,924 things for you, all since last Thursday?” Be sure to point out that these are things you have done in the past. Then roll the post-it note into a little tube and shove it right into this person’s left eyeball.

Just a suggestion.

This reminds me of a line from a poem (I think it was called “I Sing of Olaf, Glad and Big”, or something like that):

“There is some shit
I will not eat”

I’ve thought of this line about 3,924 times in my career as an adminstrative assistant. As one of the head cheeses walks by the photocopy machine to hand me a single sheet to photocopy for him. Etc. Oh yeah, and my favourite line from a U2 song; “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.”

Auntie Em, I knew when I saw your name there would be sage advice forthcoming, and I was right. I especially like the part about rolling up the note into a tube . . .

tallboy, I’m feeling empowered, but not that empowered! :chicken:

featherlou, I think you must be an unsung hero. I take your mantra as my own. May I not eat shit but still keep my job.

Thanks, all.

Well, maybe with a little re-wording here and there, it could become constructive crticism and get this jack-ass off your case?

featherlou, I love that line too. It’s the first line of an untitled poem by e.e.cummings, just to let you know.

Yes, that’s the one, moggy. I studied it waaaaaay back when in first year English Literature.

Actually, it was said of Mikey, “He won’t eat it; he hates everything.” So the Mikey epithet would seem to apply to your dingleberry of a cow-orker instead of to you.

OK, I’m the the anti-Mikey. But at least I know you read the whole rant.

**featherlou, **I guess it should be

there is some shit
i will not eat

That little “i” makes all the difference.

tallboy, I have admired your posts elsewhere as reasonable and helpful. I like your style. I might just try your suggestion. Or re-write it and give it to the Boss.

Being a newbie and all, I hope I’m not breaking any etiquette by responding so much. Plus, I guess I’m a hypocrite . . . yeah, she’s real overburdened, she has all this time to post to SDMB!

Ah, of course, small ‘i’ for e.e. cummings and all. And you are supposed to look after threads you start - drive-by posters aren’t really appreciated round these parts. And we recommend that everyone surf the Dope during work hours. And that you start every sentence with ‘and’.

I agree with the other posters, just stop doing anything for him. If he doesn’t appreciate your help, don’t give it to him.

Yeah…since you “don’t do anything for him anyway”, why is he asking you for help, then? As far as he is concerned, you’ve never done anything for him - so how can he be pissed off about you refusing to do something that you’ve never done in the past? Apparently, he’s been doing all of this work by himself (because you don’t do anything for him) so he can just keep on doing that.

Because you don’t do anything for him, after all. :smiley:

AlaItalia, OMG you have one of those too? I can completely relate to what you’re going through. I have a 50 year old guy I work with. He came to 1st shift from 3rd, and he was so spoon-fed and coddled on 3rd shift that he is incapable of doing most of the tasks he is required to do, so the rest of us have to pick up the slack. He can’t think out of the box, and he turns a 5 minute task into a 2 hr project. I call him “Captain Q-Spee” b/c he operates at a quarter of the speed that the rest of us do. In both of our cases, if we give them enough rope, they’ll hang themselves. Your co-worker’s just bent b/c now he has to do his own work. Stick with it, don’t do a thing for him, let his boss see what he really does. Perhaps they’ll get rid of him and bring someone in who will do the work. :wink:

Well, I sort of stood my ground and sort of chickened out. You see, I had chosen, for better or worse, to say something while both the Big Boss and my Boss were out of town. Of course, when my Boss called in the next day, I told her all about it. I’m sure she talked with the Big Boss at the meeting (because I’ve been to these meetings and we all talk about everybody who’s not there) and the Big Boss will, I hope, speak with dingbat on Monday.

After the Big Blow Up, Moron didn’t talk to me for a couple of days. I did answer his phone for him just because I always have and it didn’t seem like that much “extra” work. After one of the calls confirming a client going to a particular place, he said “Are you going to send the this and that to the place?” (I’ve been doing this for him for a while now), I said, “Well, I wasn’t going to, but I will if you want me to.” He said “Why wouldn’t you?” and I said “Because I don’t do a goddamn thing for you, remember?” He muttered something like, “I admitted that was wrong,” and “Well, it’s legal, isn’t it?” Meaning, the legal department. NO it is NOT legal’s, the damn letter’s under your signature, the only reason legal looks at it is to be sure you haven’t fucked anything up.

So I did the thing because 1) he’s not capable, 2) my Boss does look over what he’s sending to make sure he’s not sending anything he’s not suppposed to and 3) the Bosses are still out of town. So I did go ahead and do that.

So on Friday he’s slowly starting back with the “How do I . . . " on the computer, and I’m answering. I am such a chicken! I just can’t seem to get “No” out of my mouth. I wanted to make up.” I hate confrontation and I hate making waves. If I just say, you’re going to have to figure it out for yourself, he’s going to have another fit. So for the rest of the day I did help him out some. I’m pinning my hopes on the Big Boss talking with him on Monday. I am the biggest wuss!

Cassandra, the Big Boss knows he’s a slacker. The BB created this position for him years ago. The BB is a local politician and likes waves less than I do. Also, this is a quasi-state agency and you practically have to commit murder to get fired. As I mentioned in the OP, in about nine months to a year, Mr. Moron will have to move his office when we get a new attorney. That office won’t be anywhere near mine and he’s going to have to figure out how to do all this stuff on his own. Maybe he’ll retire then.

I hope he retires for your sake, AlaItalia. Maybe then your company would hire someone competent who could handle the job. I wish you luck. You know, I do the same thing, I tell myself that I will start speaking up to Cap’n Q-Spee but I never seem to find the voice. That all changed today, FINALLY. I was irritated that 3rd shift (he learned from them btw) didn’t do all of their work, and what they did they did half-assed and I spoke up to them. Of course I heard all of their excuses, but I stood my ground. Then later in the day Cap’n Q-Spee tried to weasel out of something and I called him on it. I swear I don’t know where it came from! :smiley: But it felt good to finally say something to him and the other shift. Someone had to–this has been going on for way too long. Management wasn’t doing a thing about it. I’m telling you AlaItalia, try it…you will feel so much better when you do. Try not to show emotion though, that’s the trick. State your feelings in a matter-of-fact manner and don’t back down. Like you said, since he’s moving away from your area he’ll have to learn to do it himself or he’ll fall flat on his face. He has the choice. If he doesn’t want to learn or do the work/answer his own phone, etc…IMHO, I say let him fall.

Cassandra, you sound like a really reasonable person. You are right on target about trying not to show emotion. I am one of those people who, when they get mad, they cry, and end up looking really stupid. After my posts here, the idiot computer guy tried to lay something on me and I didn’t take it. However, I got upset and the Big Boss saw me crying (I’m such a ninny!). So we all talked and got it all out in the open, me boo-hooing the whole time. So then speaking to me alone the Big Boss says, “This is two confrontations you’ve had just in the past couple of days. What is wrong with you?” Arrgh! I could only gape in shock. Later when I was calmer I told him that there is nothing wrong with me, it’s these two pants-wearing has-beens getting preferential treatment because they’re men and being allowed to cuss and stomp around. If the ladies acted like these two fellas they’d be called on it.

Well, even though I made a crying fool out of myself, I did get my point across, and Mr. Moron has stated (childishly) he is not giving me any more of his work. Of course the next day he just assumed I would do this thing because I have been doing it for him, and I told him, you write the letter, I’ll get it in the overnight, and he couldn’t even do the letter right even though he’s been told what to do several times. To cut him just a little slack, he has emphysema(sp?), and I think the lack of oxygen to his brain makes him cranky and stupid.

Anyway, Cassandra, I’m glad my little rant gave someone else the impetus to “find her voice.” This situation has made me realize that it really wasn’t a good idea to stop the daily meditating, yoga, exercise, and vitamins. I am certain these things have helped me in the past to be calm and unemotional; I have started them back up and already feel better.