Another computer/music files question (autonaming)

So I’m slowly transferring all my CDs to my computer. I have a hotspot with monthly data usage limits, so I’m only connected to the internet when I need to be, but other times I’m just working on Word or Excel files on my computer and rip music while I’m doing this.

What I discovered is that when I’m connected to the internet, all the music automatically transfers the song & album info automatically. However, it doesn’t do this (of course) when I rip music with the internet not connected.

So my question is–is there any way for me to take these files that I copy while the internet is offline, and have that information be updated on these files when I am connected later on, without having to repeat the rip process all over again? I’d rather not have to manually rename all these files, but I have a ton of music to copy and keeping the internet on all the time (when I’m not otherwise using it) just to transfer this info simply isn’t an option.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

If you’ve ripped the tracks using iTunes, I think you can highlight them and select “Get CD Track Names” when you’re online.

Nope, not I-tunes. Just the Media Player application that came with the computer.

Why don’t you just connect to the Internet all the time, and turn off any Mail or Web client?

Because as I explained, I have a data usage limit with my hotspot. I have a lot more music than I have data allotment, so I don’t have the luxury of staying connected constantly as I rip the music.

Hello there MovieMogul,
You shouldn’t actually need any new software or indeed an internet connection.
Audio CDs can be copied by simply dragging and clicking them to a file or folder.
I suspect that Media Player is being rather too nosey and wants to gather Album Cover/playing list information that is useless/extraneous to you. Ignore it.
If you need more specialized advice try, very geeky UK forum for people with fewer than two cats!

OK, I’ll try this on the next album–but doesn’t it still need to know what format to transfer the file to? Or is there a default one? (I’m currently doing WAV’s)

So what data will you be using except for the Music name downloads if you do what I suggested?

Nope, that didn’t work.

Dragging the tracks to my Music folder moved some icons around, but when I tried to play them, nothing happened. Also, the files I can play (from previous rips) said WAV or MP3 on them. These that I dragged said nothing. And none of the album information (track names) were on them either anyway, if I entered directly into the E drive.

Doing this won’t give you the names.

If you’re using Windows Media Player, then highlight all of the songs from a single album, right click and choose “Find Album Info.” That should update it.

But really, your albums should already have info and be ripping with the info from the disc. You shouldn’t need to go online to get it…although sometimes you do have to wait a few seconds before doing your rip for the info to be read. Perhaps that is your issue? You are going too fast.

The vast, vast, vast majority of CD’s DO NOT HAVE title information on them!
Only a very few (newer) ones that use something called “CD Text” do.

OK, newbie here and compu-stupid, but I thought that the mere act of having the hotspot on continues to use data, even when idling or doing small or low-impact activities. For example, I was told to turn off the hotspot whenever I’m not using it because even if I’m not searching or browsing, data continues to travel back and forth (unless I close my IE browser altogether, which I seldom do). Maybe keeping it on all the time doesn’t make much of an impact on my data usage, but I didn’t want to take that chance at the beginning of my monthly cycle if the impact is greater than I expected and I end up being internet-less for the last part of the month as a result.

If you quit both email and web clients, then there should be minimal data being transmitted over the internet. Probably not zero, but insignificant. How much data do you get per month, and how close are you to exceeding that cap on an average month?