Another Darwin Award Candidate

This guy flies across the world and becomes a crispy critter. :smack:

Imagine sitting on your sofa and watching tv. You’re bored. I know! Let’s find a volcano and stick our head in it. It’ll be fun. :smiley:

I know the family must be hurting. But, geez what a stupid and senseless way to die. He should have saved air fare and played dodge car on a busy street.

Rest well, Joe. Your brain cloud will bother you no more.

He slipped, fell and died. Where’s the grotesque display of fatal stupidity in that to grant the derision of being called a Darwin Award winner?

Yeah, it’s not the Dick van Dyke Award, it’s the Darwin Award.

The article mentioned this was an easy climb that is popular with day-trippers.

To fall into the volcano this guy must of done something special. He probably detoured off the path and got to the edge.

Anyhow, at 1AM in the morning, the stupidity of this struck me as funny. I can just imagine this guy, hanging onto a slippery rock looking into a live volcano. :smiley:

A 1999 Darwin Award winner involved a hiker that left the group and fell off Mount Rainier.
Falls can be award winners if a hiker does something unusually stupid.

Found another article with more information.
Took 60 people to recover the body.

At least he didn’t fall into lava. They didn’t mention a burned body.

I’m not getting the humour or irony or any kind of Darwin-worthy stupidity. He fell in a hiking accident. In what way is that “stupid and senseless”?

If you’re picturing someone deliberately hanging out over a boiling pit of lava for a better view, volcanoes don’t look like that.

Another view of the summit of Batur.

Yeah, I’m not feeling the Darwin here. A guy fell while hiking. It’s tragic, but it happens.

ok. I was picturing a pit of lava. <shrug> I must of seen too many jungle movies as a kid. Darn Hollywood sets. :wink:

Were you picturing Gollum dancing around the Cracks of Doom?

With hiking boots, yes.

It sounds like a regular hiking accident and not one of those negligent “I’m going to climb over the barriers with the ‘Danger - Do Not Cross’ signs to get a closer look. Certainly the warning sign doesn’t apply to me.”

The story is brief, but it sounds more like the typical hiker-too-close-to-edge accidents. We get them even here occasionally along the escarpment.

But it’s funny if you picture the guy dressed as Giligan and staring into a lava pit.

I sure hope his estate can sue the volcano company for negligence. :rolleyes:

Yes, yes it is.

And now I’m imagining a company that builds and sells new and used volcanoes.
[contractor voice]“We builds alls kinds of volcanoes here. Anywheres ups to five hundreds feet tall; thoirty feet wides caldera lakes; customs geysers; youse names it. Tireds of your olds volcanoe? We’ll gives the best trade-ins price arounds. Just remembers, for all your volcanoes and volcano accessories, come on down to Tony’s Volcano Warehouse!”

There but for the grace of God go I, a frequent peerer into every volcano possible.

“Mount Batur is easy to climb compared to some other volcanoes in Indonesia and is popular with day-trippers on Bali.”


People who take day trips into the interior of the island from the beach resorts, I assume. Although I’m sure some rich Australians have taken day trips to Bali before now…

He was probably listening to it on his iPod when he fell.

Not fell… tripped. Otherwise it would be popular with day-fellers.

No, this is a man who tripped and deserves the Darwin award.

Man Trips on Baggy Pants and Dies

Don’t feel bad. He was a murderer.

How much extra for the evil lair option?