This Man Is Going to Die

This guy, right here.

I bet the bookies are busy with this one.

I’ll put twenty on the mountain.

All this trouble just to shoot a Mountain Dew commercial…

Oh yeah, he’s toast.

Who’s going to accept his Darwin Award?

Could someone please reassure me that this is a joke?

May he rest in peace…

He wont have a problem with rigor mortis… he ll already be stiff while still breathing…

It’s not a joke, even though I found it at Yahoo is carrying the same Reuters story.

I wonder where I can catch the live Internet broadcast? I have a feeling it’s going to be very short.

This will make a great replacement for that video ABC used to show on WWS

It’s times like these when I think about how mankind has triumphed against the adversities which nature presents. I think how men’s spirits overcome the harsh and extreme conditions they face.

Then I think about what else is on TV and turn up the A/C a little more and wonder what the hell are some of these people thinking.

``At an altitude of 8,000 meters (26,000 feet) you encounter a lack of oxygen, changing snow conditions, very strong winds and extreme cold. Your ability to move is very limited. It should be really fun,’’ the skier, Davo Karnicar, said in the Times.

Fun?! Let’s recap here: lack of oxygen… very strong winds… extreme cold… limited ability to move. Boy, Davo really knows how to have a good time.

I say he gets about three pole plants before he eats it big time.

I’m actually just curious about the “custom made skis”.

What’s the deal with them that they have to be specially made.

I’ll take Everest for the round 1 knockout please.

Is there an over/under on the descent prior to his death?

Thank heavens! Another fool out of the gene pool. Let’s hope he wasn’t a breeder before this.

Hey, this isn’t just some crazy guy who though it might be fun to ski down Everest. He’s a crazy guy who’s been doing this sort of thing for over a decade, along with several other Slovenians(including, apparently, members of his family) and there’s probably plenty of other people in the world who are good enough skiers. Not as many as fearless, perhaps.

The website, by the way is

There’s even a place to e-mail Davo Karnicar, but I’d guess you won’t get an answer very soon.

They’re on the way to the top right now. The descent will be 5-7 a.m. in CEST (GMT+2), which puts it at some time late tonight if you’re in the US.

How many people have died getting to the top of Mt. Everest and now this guy’s going to die getting down it? :confused:

Takes all types to make up the world, eh?

I hope someone knows how to nick a RealPlayer file, 'cause once this guy goes down, I bet it will be pulled.

He’ll make a great next era iced-specimen; comes with ski poles, ski clothes, skies, and missing 2 finger. The archaeologists of the future (say 2000 years from now) will have a blast with this one!


This guy better pray on the weather. You summit, and you see clouds on the next mountain, then later that day you find it was a storm and 10 people are already dead. No shields in the dead zone. Ski over the Hillary Steps, idiot.