This Man Is Going to Die

Ehh. He won’t die. He’ll get about halfway down, realize he’s an idiot, quit, and try again in a few years.

By my best calculations, the event should happen sometime between 10 PM and 12 mid EDT. The site is kinda quiet right now, though… but it appears he’s made the summit and is getting ready for the ride.

Go Skiier guy!!!
This guy may be “nuts” according to you people, but i think it’s pretty cool, i mean, what do you think people were saying to the first guy who was gonna climb the moutain?

I’m not saying i could do it, but this guy thinks he can, so i’ll say he can too. Mental stuff is half the battle, he’s there, he’ll do it.
20 on the skiier.

Ohh!! It’s starting! Crap, my computer takes forever…
Let me know if he dies, I might never get this thing going.

I don’t know, it sounds like he is going kind of slow to me. I don’t see much reason to be pessimistic.

Assume he is going from the top to sea level (which he isn’
t, just to base camp) and you get an average speed of .7-.98 miles per hour (26,000 feet equals 4.92 miles divided by 5 and 7 hours). He isn’t exactly cruising down that mountain.

Obviously he isn’t going to go straight down which will add to the length of the ski, but it still doesn’t look like he will be setting any land speed records.

Saturday, October 07, 2000
Latest news. 5.45. SECT - Davo successfully skied to the 3rd camp
Davo Karnicar just called from the 3rd camp. The most dangerous part of the ski descent is over.

I seem to remember documentary that had a oriental (Japanese, Chinese?) gentelman that skied down Everest. About ten years ago I think. He used a parachute dragging behind him to keep from gathering to much speed. I’m sure I didn’t imagine this, it was after my druggie days. He wiped out pretty spectacularly. But, he did get down the mountain without dying.

Anyone else out there remember this. Or did I just flash back?

Jammy bastard.

Well, looks like he did it, all right.

Pretty damned amazing!

I will be damned. OK, who’s up for the Doper assault team? If that Slovenian dude can go down Everest, surely 10,000 Cecil fans can go up.

Has anybody read Jon Krakauer’s book Into Thin Air ? It really makes you wonder why anybody would go near that or any other mountain. It’s about the disaster on Everest in 1996. There is also a IMAX movie Everest which covers the same time period.

Yuichiro Miura, in the documentary The Man Who Skied Down Everest, 1976. He DID wipe out spectacularly, but survived (barely). His parachute never opened.

I saw the IMAX about Everest when I was pregnant (read: emotional). It scarred me for weeks. I cried like a river when they talked about the guy who was going to die naming his baby over the phone with his wife, then I got pissed that he could take such a foolish risk when he has such a huge responsibility waiting at home. I’ve never seen anything that affected me the way that did. I’ve got the book, I just haven’t gotten around to reading it.

I read it, when I was even higher than he was (ok, I was in an airplane...). He was the guy who saw the clouds on the next mountain that turned out to be a storm that I alluded to above. Excellent IMAX film. I understand Boukhreev (SP, I am sure) also wrote a book (The Climb?) about that exepdition that is quite different. Been meaning to get it, but haven't done so yet.

I’m not a skier, but it seems rather easy, I mean he has Mr Gravity there to help him down the mountain. Now a real challenge would be to ski up the mountain!!!. Just MHO.:smiley:

He made it.

Dammit…I was hoping the abominable snowman would get him.

Mr Bear, honey, the problem isn’t Mr Gravity, but his cousins, Mr Massive Skull Fracture, Mr Spinal Cord Injury, and Mr Multiple Broken Bones, not to mention their friends Mr Shock and Mr Hypothermia. Since this fellow lived to tell the tale, we can assume they were all off playing poker with Mr Natural Selection.

No big deal. He probably took the green slope down :slight_smile:

Uh, i don’t think there really is a “green slope” on everest, given all the people who have died there and all.

But i’m thinkin ur right in a way, im sure he didn’t jump off the 200 metre high cliffs, probly took the long way round them… :slight_smile: