Another Doper Census Poll: Educational Attainment

Check whichever is applicable to you. (If you’re a non-U.S. Doper reinterpret as to whichever is the most similar to your degree.) I would equate a JD as a Masters more than a doctorate, while medical degrees are clearly equal to or greater than Ph.Ds in the amount of formal education, but your mileage may vary, so answer which seems appropriate.

This is related to the income thread btw. I’d love to do a census of sorts with several questions but I’m not sure how to do more than one poll question at a time.

What if you’re still in school?

ETA: Nevermind.

No Associates degree option, so no voting.

“Graduated” high-school (it’s structured differently from the US in Scotland). I got AABB at Higher level and one B at Advanced Higher so was able to attend university. However, I dropped out without gaining a degree.

As a senior in high school (I graduated in '79), I tentatively asked my mother about going to college. She just dismissed me with “we can’t afford that”. I wasn’t even aware there were programs to help with that. . .

However, I’ve worked with the public for most of my life, and just about everyone assumes I’m college educated. Know why? Because I have a good vocabulary. Apparently, that’s all it takes. :confused:

Just a nitpick. A census is a complete count. A poll is, well, this is a poll. It would be a census if you planned to pursure getting an answer from EVERYONE.

Masters degree here. I just wasn’t a good enough student to go all the way.


Three categories for people with degrees but everyone from third grade dropouts to high school graduates to college dropouts are lumped into a single category?

I would propose adding professional degree (i.e., MD, DDS, JD, DVM, etc.) as a choice. They’re not really equivalent to a Ph.D., but graduate degree to me sounds like a master’s.

This poll needs an option for “trade/vocational school graduate”. The lack of such an option is one reason I stopped participating in Harris Polls. The closest-to-correct answer they had an option for was “Some college, no degree”, which to me implied “college dropout”. I’m a vocational school graduate, but my diploma is not a “degree”.