The Educated Doper

Inspired by this thread I thought it might be interesting to find out the general level of education among this august company. The poll reflects the various levels of the American educational system (the one I’m familiar with), I realize there may be some differences in levels and terminology in other places. Please try to fit your answers to the available catagories if possible.
Thank you for the responses.
Poll to follow.

It’s interesting you didn’t put in a category for other professional doctorates such as JD, MD, DDS, PsyD, DPharm, Ed. D., D. PT. etc.

I have a Diploma but I’m not sure where it fits in with this poll - it’s from an “Institute of Technology”, it’s in Music (Business). It doesn’t sound like that would be a “trade school diploma” and I don’t know what a diploma mill is.

As I always say, you can get a Diploma, but the doesn’t mean you’re smart enough to figure out what that means within the context of an internet poll.

:smack:oversight…should have said “doctorate”. or “doctoral equivalent” or something.

I voted for MA/MS, but it’s not really accurate - I have an MPP.

I have a B.A. and in two months I’ll have a Master’s degree.

The ink has only just dried on my Masters

I’m an “other”. Three-year Technologist diploma from college; some experience of university.

I picked ‘other’. I’m a high school drop-out with no GED, never experienced any other formal education.

And how about “schooled on the streets”?

JD here, so I can’t vote in the poll.

A lot more people seem to have answered the poll than posted here.

BS with professional certifications, here. I keep warning my younger friends and relatives that they will need a masters at a minimum to succeed professionally.

My parents needed high school diplomas for good jobs, but some how - I don’t know how - made it clear I would need a college degree.

When I graduated, in my field a masters was typically viewed as a consolation prize for those who couldn’t get a PhD, so I quit while I was ahead.

However, it appears that a masters is the minimum degree for a professional now, although working on it part time while employed is a common practice.

Just a BA.

I put myself down for MS/MA, in order to contribute to the poll but actually I have a JD.

MD with another 5 years of “apprenticeship” aka Specialty Residency. Couple of American Board certifications.

While I agree the board has some folks like me with lots of formal book learning, my observation is that (like life) some of the brightest people here aren’t necessarily ones with formal degrees.

I’d actually lump the JD in with the MA/MS rather than the doctorates, even though the name would suggest otherwise. The program is really structured more like a master’s program than a PhD, and lawyers in the US are never addressed as “Doctor” on the strength of their JD.

Same here.

JD–voted other.

I put trade school, but also did an apprenticeship. Classes at the trade school were part of my apprenticeship requirements.

I picked “Unaccredited degree/life experience degree/diploma mill”-- not sure if that really describes the extensive training on telecom switching equipment and central office experience I got with Pac Bell.