Another Facebook Bitch

I just posted this on Facebook:

What the hell is going on in people’s minds when they “share” a video with all their friends before checking it out first? Facebook should ban this kind of crap.

Sounds like a friends issue.

I just saw that for the first time this weekend. It took me 5 seconds to go to youtube, type in the title and watch the (horribly stupid) video* there instead. To me, it’s more a comment on my friend’s laziness/ignorance than it is an app’s way of forced viral marketing.
*The video was of a Brazilian (?) woman getting a V-day present in the back of a locked car that ended up being cockroaches since she cheated on her man.

I refuse to watch them. That’s all.

I don’t mind the video sharing. What I hate about FB videos lately are the ones that play automatically in your newsfeed.

This isn’t about video sharing. This is about forcing someone to share a video before they are allowed to view it. The video will not open unless you agree to share it first.

Videos don’t usually bother me; it’s the posting of ill-informed or ignorant glurge about everything from homeopathic remedies to anti-vax gibberish to mis-attribution of quotes that drives me crazy. My friends and family generally know better, but their friends. . .oy! There are a lot of morons out there, my friends.

Yes, bad MoJo so I don’t play that game. Also hate the auto play vids. What’s up with that? Is there a way for me to stop them playing unless I click on them?

Sorry, the stuff in your quote block didn’t show for me for some reason.

Although at the same time, nothing alerts me faster and more effectively that this is a video I have no interest in seeing.

because its a scam/virus issue - not a ‘legit’ video being ‘shared’ by users.

Yeah pretty much this. Videos worth watching are going to be on YouTube or embedded on the page of some other service you’re familiar with. If it’s a personal video that your friend posted to Facebook, it might be worthy to watch too.

But if someone posts a video that requires extra steps or something there’s a non-zero chance that the video is spam and/or not worth watching. And your friend probably didn’t watch it. And your friend probably has a virus.

Kind of weird that you are angry that you’re being forced to do something watch a video that you probably shouldn’t watch in the first place. You should just be mad that your friends are so dumb.

Do you actually have to share it, or just agree to share it? I.e., can you lie?

This may relate.

I warn folks about the scams and then drop them down to acquaintances or reduce their priority for getting put on my newsfeed. If it persists, I drop them from posting to my newsfeed at all.

The problem isn’t facebook, it’s the friends you have.

Gear Icon | Settings | Videos | auto-play: off

Thank you very much!

Would be so nice if Facebook would actually tell us when they fart around with the settings. First time I’ve noticed that Videos setting, so it must be recent (at least for me; for some peculiar reason they seem to not distribute changes to all users at once, judging from what I have read in the past).

You have to hit the SHARE button to unlock the video.

Not having a Facebook account, and being loaded with FB ignorance, this doesn’t answer my question. Do you actually have to send it on to someone else?

Yes, the SHARE button puts it onto the newsfeed of all your friends that see your regular posts.