Facebook video not sharing

I made a video of my granddaughter taking her first steps and tried to share it on FB. The video loaded and I can see it on my page, but although I clicked ‘share’, no one else can see it.

Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong please - I have no problem sharing photo’s.

Is there a setting perhaps for sharing videos? Maybe yours is off? I’d start in your Privacy and settings.

The share button is for something slightly different than what you’re doing here.
It’s likely a privacy issue. Go to the post that contains the video. At the top of the post, next to your name is a little tiny icon that looks like two (stick figure-ish) people with a drop down arrow next to it. Click on the drop down and make sure it says “everyone” or “friends”. Most/all of the other selections are going to restrict who can see it. This setting should override any other privacy settings, but just for this one post. It’s an easy way to see if this is your problem before you start digging through all your other settings.

The icon I see is more like a pawn on a chessboard but the dropdown seems to be as you describe. I clicked “public” and await events.

That’s the one. You can, if you wish, view your profile from the perspective of someone else.
Hit the down arrow at the very top of the page (next to the icons for messenger, friends, alerts etc) and go to settings. On the left, click on Timeline and Tagging.
From there you’ll see “Review what other people see on your time line” click on “View as” next to it.
This takes you back to your home page, as seen by the “public”, at the top you’ll see an option to see how your profile looks to a specific person.

These directions are based on a PC with Firefox. I think it’s the same for most PC and probably Macs, but if you’re using a mobile device, you’ll have to navigate around more.

That’s weird. Nothing I posted since July 2nd shows up at all.

I’ll bet you accidentally changed a privacy setting.

Possible but my latest posts should show now?

Is there a way to revert everything to default?