FB Utube videos auto-starting?

For the last couple of days, the enbedded videos are auto starting on me as I bring them in to view when scrolling down.

I do not run my cursor over them.

Do I have a setting that got changed or is FB just giving me a better experience? :rolleyes:

Must be some setting on your computer or within your browser.

If you use MS Internet Explorer, try a different browser like: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome

The same thing happens to me now (on Chrome; haven’t tried other browsers). I think it is something Facebook changed “to serve you better.”

At least the sound doesn’t start unless you want it to.

No cites (well, I could break down and look, but I’m lazy), but I am 99% certain I’ve seen FB announce that this was an upcoming new “feature”, including saying that the sound would be off by default. I guess it has started.

Yeah this has been happening to me for a few weeks now, in Firefox, with both YouTube and Facebook videos. It’s Facebook’s thing, not YouTube or your browser.

::: Well :::: Grump :::::

Yeah, at least the sound is off.

The poor folks that have a FAP are getting killed with this. I am learning how to hit the pause button real quick at least.

Yup they did.

Thanks, facebook, for fixing something else that wasn’t broken. I don’t suppose they’ve offered us a way to turn this off?

I hate them, and I hate the videos that won’t play unless you share them first. My comment to the last person that sent me one of those was:

If I remember correctly, they won’t autoplay on your mobile device if you are on a cellular connection, but will on wi-fi. On your desktop, they’ll autoplay, but be muted unless you hover over them.

Here’s the help note from FB:

Interessting… glad that Facebook is not doing this here (yet) … mostlikey they are not allowed to do this here just now.

I would demand your money back.

Not unless you use an addon that they’ve tried to block from being mentioned. (The website is actually stopped by their bad site filter.) Or you can just use any typical flash blocker.

What made them think this was remotely a good idea I do not know. Why would I want the video to start before I’ve intentionally started paying attention to it? By the time I hover over it, I’m just going to have to drag the slider back. What advantage is there in letting it play?

The only thing I can come up with is so they can claim it’s normal behavior for video ads

How long will it take to fight the ignorance this fallacious argument? In what world do you only have the right to complain about things you’ve paid for?

Especially since Facebook has a vested interest in you using their services. You may not pay them, but they sure as heck do make money off of you. Ultimately, it is our use of the product that provides them with money.