Audio Autoplaying in Topic/Thread?

When I open this thread about catch phrases, and scroll to the last post (#226) or thereabouts, it automatically plays a second or 2 of audio. Scroll up a ways and back down, and it plays again. If I click on the link in that post, it doesn’t autoplay at the new site. What is up?

Can whatever is causing this be corrected? Is it happening for anyone else?


Update: it doesn’t happen on the my computer, just on my phone. Oh well.

I tried to make it happen on the tablet and the phone.
Didn’t work.
Maybe Aliens are reading the Dope and trying to phone you in the lauguages of Music. It is universal.

It happened on my computer. It only played once, scrolling up and down did nothing. However, opening the thread again got the playback. Again, only once.

Good to know I’m not crazy! I just opened that post on a different laptop and it most definitely played on it.

I found the autoplaying post - it’s both Butch Cassidy links in post #216 simultaneously autoplaying audio. I hope there’s a way to turn this feature off.

I don’t think it will be a significant problem.

It’s a rare site that would intentionally have its embeded videos autoplay. It’s possible this is a bug in’s embed code. Or possibly some attempt to get “views.”

So we might want to contact them and tell them the problem. And then tell Discourse if they don’t fix it, as they could possibly change how they handle their links. And, if that fails, maybe we blacklist the site from getting a card–assuming that’s possible.

In the mean time, as a work around, you may also want to take advantage of a feature that has been part of Chrome for a while, and I believe is part of Firefox, too. You can “Mute site,” to avoid any audio from that site, by right clicking on the tab.

Though a side effect will be that you may have to open any videos you see posted in a separate tab to get audio, or temporarily unmute the site for that.

Thanks. The workaround won’t work for me on my phone. It will work on the computer if I remember to open SDMB in a muted tab. In the meantime, I discourse-muted the thread so I don’t inadvertently visit it while at work.

It’s a bug that discourse should fix. But how do they get contacted?

Ohh, I heard it. I was expecting music. Weird!

ETA, on my laptop and only once.