Youtube looping play

So, if I play a Youtube video embedded in a post, it will restart automatically. That’s fine, I can click pause/stop. But then, at some time in the future (after I’ve scrolled down the thread) it will restart (and loop). This is particularly annoying if I’ve watched a couple of different videos in the thread.

Is there an option somewhere to stop this? I’m on 64-bit Firefox 110.0. I have not tested against other browsers.

I’ve noticed the same problem, using the same browser. I couldn’t figure out how to stop it, however, strangely for me it doesn’t seem to do it for all the videos posted.

I’ve found that reloading the page after watching a video stops it from restarting itself. So I’ve gotten in the habit of doing that.

Same issue with Chrome, and it is annoying. Now I use the back button to leave the thread and go back in so the video “resets” itself.

Since this is a quirk with how Discourse works, let’s move this to Site Feedback (from ATMB).

This isn’t a new issue. I know from experience that it shows up on both Firefox and Chrome. The only “solution” (if you want to call it that) that I have found is what @Topologist posted, just reload the page.

Hopefully the Discourse devs will do something about it.

This will probably help nobody because it’s really vague, but I have auto-play turned off somewhere in Chrome. I also have it turned off on Youtube. They only videos that play anytime for me without hitting play is when someone hosts a short meme type video on imgur or a similar site. I’ve never had a video start playing again after I watched it.

Glad I could help! :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, that seems an obvious (as is often true) if clunky work around (also often true). Thanks.

Before I spend more time poking around in options (especially since other people are having the problem with other browsers), a quick question:

The video doesn’t auto-play when I load a thread, it repeats after I watch it the first time. If paused, it will auto-play after some time reading the thread (haven’t timed it, but maybe a minute?). Re: dolphinboy, I don’t know if it always happens since I don’t always stay in a thread with a video I’ve watched very long before moving on, although my (potentially confirmation bias) feeling is that it always does.

So, in my long-winded way so not quick way - do you have a feel for how often you linger in a thread with a watched video?

It varies of course, but I’m often reading the Ukraine war thread, which has hundreds of videos in it and it never happens. I actually have it open in a background tab for hours at a time. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

But did you play any of those videos and then continue scrolling down the thread? You need to play the video first and then scroll down away from it. At some point (maybe based on how far you scroll?) the video will play again.

Yes, I play almost all of them. The only ones I don’t watch are the Youtube ones that are ten plus minutes long that don’t have actual footage from Ukraine. Even if I need to scroll back up past them for some reason, then scroll back down to where I started they don’t re-play.

For me it happens, but not all the time. I think I notice it once or twice a week. I don’t think I’ve had it happen even once in the Taskmaster/BBC Game Shows or the Insomniac Youtube videos threads.
Though, as I think about it, I guess I don’t spend that much time the thread sitting there idle. I tend to watch the latest thing someone posted and/or post my own and then leave.
I’ll have to remember to leave the thread open for a while after watching a video in one of those threads to see what happens.
Also, my work computer tends to be muted, so it’s possible it happens without me being aware of it.

Interesting. What browser/operating system/etc are you using?

Latest version of Chrome (Version 110.0.5481.104) and Windows 10. If it matters any, I also use AdBlock+ and NoScript.