Stopping the auto restarting of youtube links

This is a question about the Message board but since its purely technical in nature hopefully this is the right forum.

Often times I’m scrolling through a thread and play a youtube link. When I’ve watched enough of it I pause it and then continue scrolling through the thread. Then a few minutes later it spontaneously restarts playback. I then have to either mute the whole browser tab or scroll up to find the offending post and shut it up.

Is there a setting I can change to prevent this from happening?

I’m using firefox if that matters.

I don’t know about settings, but I get around that by reloading the page after I stop a video I don’t intend on continuing. Because the post number is part of the URL now it reloads back to the same spot but the video is now in an “unplayed” state.

Thanks, I’ll try that.

I use Firefox too (and old version). I see this happen sometimes also with videos that I’ve played to completion. But I’ve only seen it happen occasionally. Is this some kind of glitchy quirk?

I seem to remember this being brought up in a thread before, and that @codinghorror responded and was working on trying to fix it.

And, yeah, the easier solution would be to reload the page if this happens. That will shut off the video, but not lose your place. Well, you may lose your place in the video, but not the page.

(You may also not lose your place in the video if it has been long enough for YouTube to save it.)