Every single time, Youtube videos restart randomly

Anyone else notice this recently?

I’m watching something, anything, and at some random point the video just mysteriously starts from the beginning.

Once in a while? No. Every single video I watch will at some random point quit and start over.

My hands are nowhere near mouses or other interfaces? The second time through does not appear to be affected. What gives?

Anyone else?

Bump. It’s still doing it. Youtube videos will just randomly abort and start over again for absolutely no reason.

Anyone else?

I’ve had this happen once or twice, not every time.

I just picked another random video of about 10 minutes in length, and about 3 minutes in it decided to start over.

One more attempt. A 2:41 Beatles video that stopped and restarted at about 2:00.

This happens all the time to me on different machines and on different ISPs. I really can’t believe I’m on my own on this.

And one more time on a Doors song.

I’ll stop now. But this happens to me every fucking time.

Did you try a different browser? If it does it with every browser, it’s likely an issue with your connection. Otherwise, an issue with your browser.

Have you tried watching the video at a different resolution? I’ve run across channels where every single video @720p will restart like you describe, but play fine in 480p (or 360p, if you’re desperate.)

Still doing it.

Every time. I’m about to sport a monocle, a tinfoil hat, and roller-skate throughout the city while whistling something from Eric Idle.

Honestly, I’m the only one on the planet that this happens to? Please help my sanity.

I believe it happens because the ‘play’ is faster than the loading. Try pausing the play as soon as it starts and let the loading progress bar get out there a bit before resuming.

Nope. Does it when the leading grey bar is well ahead of the play bar. Other video sites don’t do this to me: only Youtube, on at least two different computers.

Drives me insane.

Never. It maybe your IP provider who’s using bandwith throttling. If your using Bell I wouldn’t be suprised if this is the case.

Just a guess.

Try going here, and click on the bottom to “Join the HTML5 trial.” That will use HTML5 instead of Flash for most videos. If that fixes it, it would seem something related to your Flash is screwy.

Just make it play a Phil Kessel tribute video. I guarantee that even a machine won’t want to sit through it more than once. :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting. So far, so good.

And it’s still doing it. Googling it tells me I’m not the only one, but I don’t see any solutions. Do you know how frustrating it is to be 20 minutes into a video and have it restart automatically?

EDT: Firefox browser, laptop and desktop. Everything is updated, browser and Flash.

Have you tried a different browser? I gave up on Firefox a few releases ago and moved to Chrome.

A possible workaround, if you’re using Firefox, is to Download the Youtube; then watch it later with, e.g., KMPlayer. Slightly less convenient, but it does leave you with the video on your hard disk to watch how or as often as you like. (Some boring Youtubes are best watched at 120% speed :cool: , which KMPlayer can do, but not AFAIK Youtube.)