Youtube Player Question

There is a video I was watching on youtube that I really liked. The video is fully loaded (the duller red line has reached the end), but it stops in the middle and says the video is finished and if I would like to watch it again. I can get no further in the video, even after repeatedly restarting. This has been going on for weeks. I can see it on other computers. Is there any way to make it start from scratch? Thanks in advance.

Clear your browser cache, then close completely out of the browser and go back in.

There are also some Greasemonkey scripts for Firefox which make it easy to download Youtube videos as .flv files which can then be watched with programs such as VLC Media Player.

A hearty recommendation here for Firefox’s “Videodownloader” extension, which gives you an FLV file from a YouTube (or similar) page.

Oh, and Windows Media Player Classic can play FLVs.