Another facebook question: Id verification from 'unknown' computers

I was out of the country recently, and when accessing Facebook, it put me thru a test to verify my identiy. That wasn’t unusual, but the test was harder than it sounded:

I was given seven “friends” to identify—but not necessarily from just a profile pic, but pic in which they were tagged. Well, all’s cool until they toss up some random photo in which a person is tagged, but they don’t actually appear in the photo, as some people do to put a copy of the photo in the taggee’s photo album.

I was given seven names, and I had to get five of them correct. I could skip two if I wasn’t sure–but it would lock my account if I got even one wrong.

Well, I dodged the bullet twice from different computers, and there were some pics that I could not id by sight, but could by elimination.

So. . . Is there any option for a different verification procedure if you’re accessing it from an “unknown” computer?

I believe you can turn off “unknown” computer detection. While mine is on, my parents’ aren’t. Look for an option to turn it off. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful at this time.

Gah, can’t edit. I can’t be more helpful because mine only tells me which computer tries to use it, and does not give such an odd test.

But, still, I’d guess that option you are looking for is under Account > Account Settings > Account Security. That’s where the option for telling me that a new computer has accessed mine.

Also, a type of photo you left out: the ones where you tag your friends on a chart of friend types.

I’ve had to do this once, and it is about the dumbest thing I 've ever encountered. The problem I had was when a photo that was in an album by a distant freind was shown, except the photo wasn’t of my friend, it was of one of their 3 year old kid. Never having met or even seen a photo of the kid, how was I going to tell which friend owned the photo?

The option is to realized that you really don’t need to access facebook from an unknown computer. If they lock you out, they make that choice for you.