another fave poster fallen off the earth

Now what happened to Snark? :frowning:

And where’s Bluepony? We need to start an MIA list, except I’m afraid it would be very, very long :frowning:

“I hope life isn’t a big joke, because I don’t get it,” Jack Handy

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I miss Kellibelli!


Is an appreciation of beauty a function of the human soul?

I miss Snark too. Bill, come back!

Knock it off Sterling, let Bill/Snark come back.


Curses! Foiled again! :wink:

Push over Daniel-honey…

I’m Baaaaa-aaack!

Yay, kelli! I’m new, but you were one of the reasons I first thought this was a good place.

Maybe it will work to mention BunnyGirl?

WOO-HOO! Kellibelli’s back! :slight_smile:

outlawed,Ya but you should see her Front! :wink:

I want to see her front and yours too Orange.


Okay,Kelli,ya wanna get together and present a united front? :wink:

welcome back miss kellibelli. I missed ya too!

“Only when he no longer knows what he is doing, does the painter do good
things.” --Edgar Degas

You guys are good for my tired soul…
I laughed at loud at that “you should see her front” crack O’Cakes. Girl, when you loosen up, look out! You’re wild!

Bunnygirl…I heard from her today, and she is really enjoying her new job, she is very busy, and STILL doesnt have a 'puter. She seems happy though, I can tell she is challenged at work, and that is a good feeling after being just a ‘drone’.
She very diplomatically mentioned her new boss has a um, er, different style than what she was used to.

She’ll have him eating out of her hand in no time.

bye for a while…lost of reading to catch up on…mmmm, whats up in the pit?

Omigod! I read the title of the thread and I thought that someone had actually fallen off of the earth!!!

Don’t do that again!


Back off, man. I’m a scientist.

Alpha,nah,I found him,and tied him down,he’s back and all mine!! :wink:

Kelli, I Love You!! :smiley:

The poster beneath me is really smart!

Why thank you self! But what about the one under this post? :wink:

The poster beneath me is not wearing pants!

Damn orangecakes, you almost killed off this thread…luckily, I’m not currently wearing pants, so I can truthfully post…lol