Another Firefox PSA (Tab Groups/Panorama)

There is another change happening in Firefox. This is not as big as Australis, but it could affect some people.

The Panorama/Tab Groups feature of Firefox is being split off into an addon. This is that feature where you either press the Tab Groups button or press Ctrl-Shift-E, and you see all your tabs in a box. It allows you to group your tabs in other boxes, and then only see one group of tabs at a time.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry about it. But, if you use it, you’ll want to install the Tab Groups addon ASAP–before you upgrade to Firefox 45 (which comes out tomorrow). If you don’t, all your tabs will be converted to bookmarks when you upgrade. The transition is much smoother if you install the addon first.

Also, I’m sorry I’m a bit late–I meant to warn you a few days ago.

Hopefully there are fewer people who use this than used the Addons Bar or other pre-Australis features.

Thank you for this warning.

I find this, like most things Mozilla take away essential: more and more running to remain in the same place — I don’t know if if would be bearable without the Classic Theme Restorer ( particularly as most websites are merging into the Soviet Fat Slab Style ).
Looking up the addon I saw there was that which you mention, by Quicksilver ( no restart ), and another which is an addon to that addon, Tab Groups Helper, as an alternative view. I shall choose whichever is most redolent of the past.

Mozilla is doomed anyway.