Another Fox "News" Rant

I wasn’t sure where this would fit in with any of the myriad political threads floating around – and I didn’t want to threadshit too hard, so this one stands on its own.
I don’t suppose a preamble addressing the absolute bullshit that the Fox “News” slogan is, but if the following is fair and balanced reporting, then I’m Edward R Murrow.

I flicked the TeeVee on this morning I was readying for work and what do I see flashed across the screen on this morning’s Fox and Friend’s Pundit Pit?

Will There Be Riots If Obama Loses?

One brave soul, a Democratic somethingoranother, piped up that it sounded a lot like racism and that he found the whole question offensive. The defense, from Stephen Baldwin of all people: “No, we just mean its such a fiery race, there might be some backlash.” So where was the **Will There Be Riots if McCain Loses **round-table? Do they really think the general viewing public is that stupid?

But then then next topic of discussion was the “blatant sexism” in talking about Sarah Palin’s clothes, while pointedly not talking about Joe Biden’s botox. I crap you negative. They hashed that bullshit around for five minutes and not one mealy mouthed fucker up there had the nuts to state the obvious – it’s not about her clothes, it’s about the 150 Large they spent on them.

You think the DNC ponied up the equivalent of what Joe the Plumber makes in three years so Biden’s forehead is nice and smooth? I don’t fucking think so.
Fortunately, Steve “Look At All The Goofy Faces I Make” Doocy started talking about his book and my gag reflex kicked in so I switched to SportsCenter.
Rant over … I know, I know … nothing really new. But ooooh they irritate me so much!

There was article a few days back (I can’t remember where) about the potential of riots after the election. Their scenario was based on Obama leading in the polls and McCain pulling off a win. They cited Oakland, Pittsburgh and Detroit as likely sites. They also said that extra police would be on hand election night just in case.

And that does sound racial to me. And maybe even a legitimate concern, but do you think Fox could cop to this? No. They claim that they are concerned because of how tight the race is – which isn’t that tight, at least not as tight as even the last couple have been. Was there rioting when Gore lost?

What? Not Kenilworth, IL; Salt Lake City, UT, and Mountain Brook, AL?

To be fair, I once did see a riot in Salt Lake, and both people sprained their ankles.

There might be if Obama gets shot. It would destroy a lot of hope.

Douchy has a a book? Is it a coloring book?

I don’t know if this makes me racist or not; but some friends and I were discussing a similar topic the other day.

Pointed differences:

1> We were discussing a revolt by the liberal community at large- and not by the black community.

2> The extreme lead that Obama seems to have vs. the actual result of an Obama loss would lead to anger. Were the race close (say Kerry v. Bush or Gore v. Bush type polling) there would be disappointment, but not anger. Our idea being that the loss with a huge lead would make apparant blatent racism and/or widespread voter fraud… leading to who knows what…

(I actually was thinking of starting a thread about this in GD)

But, in general- I will go with your sentiment- Fuck Fox News! I can’t stomach to watch that channel anymore.

It’s not that that isn’t a valid issue, but Fox wasn’t approaching it that way. They weren’t suggesting that riots would occur if Obama lost in the face of overwhelming poll results showing him winning. They were just saying, essentially, “If Obama loses, the blacks are going to riot.” Period.

At least that’s how it read to me. The fact that they were only talking about “a fiery race” and how tight it is and all of that. By ignoring the factor that might cause riots – Obama being fucked over, not just losing – they were tacitly accusing either minorities or the left in general of instability.

I though it was funny (in the “odd” sense) that Rush Limpbrain was predicting and/or calling for riots at the Democratic Convention, where there was very little trouble, while the RNC was the convention were several hundred people wound up being arested for various and assorted misbehaviors.

And worse, THEY STILL DON’T FIT! She’s got a nice figure. Why can’t the alteration department at Nieman Marcus make those clothes fit?

Well, those colored folk are such a fiery race, you know!

Not that I would, um, defend Fox News, but the same thought has in fact crossed my own mind. Historically riots have happened in the aftermath of racial injustice real and perceived. If Obama were to demonstrate a substantial lead in the polls, and still lose, it doesn’t seem unreasonable that a lot of people would be very, very angry.

I think this would be particularly likely in the event of widespread voter fraud. Since so many black, lower-income voters have apparently been purged from the voting rolls á lá Florida 2000, a loss might indicate a serious injustice has been done.

To be perfectly frank, I have asked myself, in the event that such a thing happened–that there was compelling evidence that the election was stolen from Obama–would I myself be angry enough to participate in a riot?

The answer is no, because that’s not the way I handle anger, however legitimate. It is worth noting however that I have a very white, upper-middle class uncle who is planning to march on DC if voter fraud does result in Obama losing. I may consider joining him in a protest march and I guarantee you I will be doing everything in my power to make sure the truth is heard and it doesn’t happen again. For a lot of us, this goes way beyond race. It is about the right of everyone–whether black, white, Christian, atheist, liberal or conservative–to have their vote counted.

And just to pre-emptively explain myself, I don’t particularly expect that there will be voter fraud to the extent that it impacts the outcome of the election. Unlike my uncle, I’m not convinced the Republicans are planning, on any organized level, to ‘‘steal the election.’’ I think there has been a clear attempt to suppress minority votes in certain regions of certain states, but I am not convinced that the attempt is so systematic and widespread that it will actually have an impact on the outcome. It’s not something I’m worried about.

But from a purely ‘‘What if…’’ point of view… you’re damn right people would be pissed off, myself included. I would not be surprised if there were riots.

May I add this piece of FOX shit to the tirade?
If only McCain had called Obama on his clear connection to Satan, he would have won.

As much as it warms the cockles of my areolas to see the FOX pundit conceeding the race with over a week to go and the fact that this is in his blog and I have no evidence this was said on air (I don’t watch FOX)-- what kind of swollen-pustule-instead-of-neuron filled brain could think that shit up?

So yeah, I believe FOX would air a thinly disguised SCARY NIGGERS!!! piece on their abomination of a news channel.

Nice Republican ladies don’t show off their figures THAT muchCOUGH!Laura Bush’s assCOUGH!. Besides, fine tailoring is a decadent urban habit, unless you’re a male Marine in dress blues or something.

You have to watch it when you’re stoned and with friends. Then it can be quite entertaining. There are many aspects of it that really are hilarious from casual observation. Here’s a few myself and my friends noticed.

  • Alan Combes looks like shit now
  • They choose ugly democrats on purpose
  • They play buttrock for their intro and outro music
  • Sean Hannity is ridiculous

And then, to cap off the entire night. We saw Hannity talking to Rove, and apparently they happend to agree a lot! SHOCK! So then Rove busted in “Sean, this is the second time you’ve predicted the content of my WSJ column! People are going to think we plan this stuff!” Which I don’t. If by plan you mean, regurgitate the same talking points then you’d be correct.

Anyway it was ridiculous.

Fox News: I laugh, I cry, I smack my forehead and throw my shoe at the TV.

I think you can pretty much count on riots in Oakland, Pittsburgh and Detroit but it’ll probably be over Billie Jean King losing to the Caveman or Hoosiers losing teh SuperBowl or somfin

I read a column not so long ago in the Dallas paper (online) which opened by bitching about how the Obama supporters say you’re racist if you don’t support Obama (which, FTR, I have never heard anyone say), and went on to say that if Obama lost, why, them nigras were likely to lose they crazy minds and riot in the streets on account of the fact that they’re all so crazy.

Please tell me The Onion hacked the Fox News blogs site.