Another Free Energy Scam?

Did you listen to “Late Night in the Midlands” on Wednesday night/evening to hear Mr. X reveal details of his secret source of energy? Claims ‘Big Business’ offered him one Billion $ for all rights to his inventions but he refused so it could be used by everyone!

It was/is the modus operandi of scammers and there is no indication otherwise where Mr. X is concerned unless someone has more details and/or information.

Youtube link of Freddy (Mr. X) demonstrating his invention.

Mr X (Freddy) water fuel (non)disclosure disappoints.

I like this the best:

It is dangerous being on the edge of free energy technology, I guess.

I seriously doubt the existence of a nutbag who would refuse a billion dollars. If it walks like a scam, and quacks like a scam…

I’m sorry - was the question mark at the end of the thread title a typo? Because that clearly could not be an actual question.

Either a scam or a deluded individual. If he really doesn’t need the money and wants to give his invention to the world, there’s no need to be coy about it; just provide clear plans on the web that actually work. It’s easy enough to do that anonymously and irreversably if you’re afraid of “consequences”. Except for the “that actually work” part.

EVERY Free Energy claim is a SCAM. There are few absolutes in this world but this is one of them.

Since I don’t see a real question here, this is better suited to IMHO than GQ.

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What a great guy! He gave up a billion dollars for the good of all mankind even after attempts on his life!

There are not enough roll eyes in the world.

Why can’t these ass hat scammers even come up with an original scam scenario. It seems like they’re always using the “men in black coats” defense as to why their brilliant ideas aren’t saving mankind.

Without knowing the details, I’ll betcha his scam violates either the First or Second (or maybe both) Laws of Thermodynamics. That is a major no-no.

I didn’t bother wasting my time watchin the video. Like dbx820 says,