Another frivilous lawsuit, this one by high school cheerleader

You are an incredibly stupid, narrowminded, self-centered and selfish girl and you should be forced to repeat all 4 years of high school for bringing this frivilous lawsuit.

The only kind of irreparable harm this idiot girl has/will suffer is the ridicule that will be caused by her filing this lawsuit.

Apparently she hasn’t learned that the minute you graduate from high school, NO ONE GIVES A SHIT WHAT YOU DID OR DIDN’T DO IN HIGH SCHOOL.

You were on the Homecoming Committee all four years?


Somebody’s been watching too much Leagally Blonde.

I am saddened and troubled to see that this comes out of Southmoreland.

I had not realized that such a high caliber of stupid person lived so god damn close to me.

What is this whining to the court crap. What happened to the good old days when the cheerleader’s mother would simply take matters into her own hands and start killing people to get her daughter on the squad.

I feel ashamed for having laughed out loud at that.

Wolfman and I apparently think along the same lines, because as soon as I saw the thread title I thought “Well, at least no one died.”

I wonder if the response would be different if she were a football player who had been benched in his senior year because he missed a week of mini-camp?

Cheerleading is a full-ride scholarship sport at most Section I and II schools, and some of the schools from the small conferences as well. If this was a misunderstanding that has now escalated into two sides being unwilling to talk out a situation which might mean that this girl doesn’t attend college, what refuge should she be seeking?

Like it or not, this is exactly what the court system is for, the resolution of disputes which cannot be solved by the parties on their own. As stupid as it seems, real, lasting harm can come from someone who is being improperly prevented from participating in high school sports, and so long as that’s true, expect to see standoffs about that issue escalate to lawsuits.

Well the linked article didn’t have alot of details but if this part is true:

From the linked article

Then I think her suit actually has merit and it’s not a frivolous lawsuit at all

In other words…pretty much what TeaElle said

People get scholarships based on their ability to be a good cheerleader?

You have a weird country.

Yes, it would. The Pit thread about the 16-year-old hockey player who sued over losing an MVP Award was three pages long.

GuanoLad: Cheer is a much more advanced thing than Cheerleading was years ago. It’s a very competitive sport combining elements of dance and gymanstics.

Are schools in Pennsylvania allowed to actually require players to participate in camps in the summer? As much as I think cheerleading is a bit weird and silly, it seems that she has two things going for her side of the story. If, as she says, she was given permission to miss the camp, then the school has no basis to demote her for it. And if, as it is around here, camp cannot be literally required, it seems that they would have to come up with a better reason than that for what they did.

Of course, here they just come up with some excuse about players being cut because they weren’t good enough, or something like that, and since it’s a subjective decision, most people just accept it. So players are pretty much forced to attend camp, even though it isn’t legal for them to be.
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She’s going to have to be able to prove permission was given. And, I believe, demonstrate that this was the only reason for her demotion. Otherwise, she’s got no case.

That girl on “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” – well, the girl who was actually possessed by someone else – used black magic to make it onto the cheerleading squad. I think that should also be explored as an option.

Ehh. That’s not a frivolous law suit.

The law suit would be frivolous if she had claimed that her cheerleading was fair and balanced, and the school said that only they had the right to call cheerleaders fair and balanced.

The bar has been lowered people. You can’t pass this sort of stuff off as a “frivolous law suit” anymore. This one seems reasonably sane.

Yes. An extracurricular activity isn’t required for a grade, and the coach can set reasonable requirements for membership. Attending summer camp is a fairly standard one for sports and music. I know at the high school I attended, if you didn’t attend band camp, you weren’t in the marching band.

It doesn’t sound frivolous as a complaint, but it sounds frivolous as a law suit.

It’s friggin’ highschool cheerleading. Get some poindexters together to convene a court and let them hash this shit out on their own (and teach them a little baout the judicial system in the process).

Do we really need to tie up courts to appease some 17 year old cry baby?

considering suing parents for not being seven foot tall each thereby preventing offspring from future career as supermodel or basketball player

Yes. Yes we do.

We celebrate our weirdness. It’s what makes us great. The very weirditude our founding fathers displayed to old King George lives on in us to this very…

Oh, hell. Never mind.

Some things are just too weird. :o

Ah, you noticed that, eh? This is minor compared to some of the wackjobs we have.