Another ghost video: real or fake?

Check out this ghost video.

I’m generally skeptical about these sorts of things. Certainly it would be easy enough to fake the moving rocking chair in this video- someone could be hiding behind the table, out of view of the camera, and just moving it by hand, for example. When the “ghost” appears, though, its movements seem to be natural, and the clarity of its image is much better than what’s usually seen in these types of videos. It doesn’t look like the film has been altered. Still, though, there’s something not quite right that makes me think this isn’t a real ghost.

What’s your opinion?

Weird. Me too.

I can’t really put my finger on it, but I get a fake vibe. Maybe I’m just a skeptic.

I had to watch it a couple times before I could spot the ghost, but it’s definitely there.

There are no supernatural entities of any kind. No ghosts, zombies, vampires, gods, spirits, fairies, sprites, pixies, demons, devils, etc. Therefore, the video does not show a ghost.

It’s a real vibe.

That’s why ghosts moan.

Well as a card carrying atheist I was with you, right up until I saw the video. Shit. And I’m home alone tonight.

Great. I’m not going to get any sleep tonight now.

Because some dude stole my sheet.

I dunno, man. The video is pretty hard to argue with. They highlight it and point at it with arrows and everything. It seems incredibly legit.

I didn’t see anything.

That is freaky. I used to think that I didn’t believe in ghosts but I may have to rethink that now that I saw this. I am home alone now. Is there anyone that can come over?

I’m pretty sure that is the ghost of my dead neighbor. He used to wear dark socks with shorts all of the time.

I went in skeptical but I am now 100% convinced that the video is legit. I clearly saw the ghost and I didn’t even have to look very hard.

WAY too good a fake for some random casual internet dude. And, frankly, quiet bone-chilling.

Viral marketing maybe?

“Sorry, video not found”

I’m severely traumatized by that video.

Ghosts should Not be wearing ‘Fuck Me Boots’. Its just wrong on so many levels…

Watch carefully at around the 00:50 mark. You can just make out the outline of a figure, to the right of the crib.

I stand before you a changed man, halle-fallujah, the dead have risen! Pack up the canned goods and load the rifle, we’re taking to the hills! Who’s with me?

Me three. The shadows are off. It’s clearly a 3D remdering made in Blender and subbed in afterwards.

Well, I got dial-up, and am still waiting on the vid, but its fake. There are no ghosts, no Santa Clause or Easter Bunny.

Sorry to have to tell you that.