Another 'ID this '60s SF movie from minimal clues' thread

A coworker of mine was trying to remember this movie today at lunch and I offered to put the powers of the Dope on it.

She says it was a science fiction movie that she would have seen in the late 1960’s. She thinks it might have been in 3D. In the movie, all of the people live in a city under a dome or bubble but they don’t know that. The city either has or made her think of an amusement park.

In the center of the city was a building that contained something that controlled the city. The people were drawn to this building and were turned into “zombies” (in the mindless-automaton sense, not the living dead sense).

Part of the plot involved one of the inhabitants of the city discovering the fact that they were under a dome.

That’s all she has. Not much to go on but I thought I would try. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

Sounds like part of A Boy and his Dog

Don’t think so. First of all, it came out in '74 or '75. Second, the hero was an outsider. Third, the city was underground, not in a dome, and the inhabitants knew this.

I got to be the resident SF expert for our college radio station for an interview with L. Q. Jones and Mr. Kimble, who produced the film, when it came out.

The movie sounds more like Logan’s Run than Boy and His Dog, but not enough to make me think that’s it.

Logan’s Run was my first guess too. Maybe the OP’s co-worker is conflating the two movies.

I just checked. She remembers Logan’s Run and says that was not it. She doesn’t recognize A Boy and His Dog but is sure that she saw it sometime between 1967 and 1969 because of where she was living at the time (Florida, if that makes a difference somehow) so the date is wrong for it.

Could it have been The Mole People? (the link is to the MST3K episode) IIRC, there was a dome and hapless folk being dragged below.

The Bubble.

Years ago I started a thread here on this very subject, but I can’t find it now.

And that’s it! Knowing the title led to this full review. My coworker is profoundly surprised but thankful.

Thanks all!